1St Birthday Party at a Park

Updated on January 29, 2013
M.N. asks from Largo, FL
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I'm hosting my son's first birthday party at a park. It will be in march in florida, i have a shelter that has electricity. We are right near the restrooms and the playground. I have a radio im bringing.
I need ideas as what to do for entertainment for children and the adults, as well as food. We dont really have much money so im on a very tight budget. I spent about $54.00 on the shelter and maybe have about $50.00 more dollars to spend. I dont mind making decorations as long as i'm walked through what to do. (not that crafty). I was thinking of "bubble guppies theme" But am up for suggestions for others. My son loves music, he watches the bubble guppies and team umizumi, he likes cars and toys that make music sounds. PLEASE HELP.. THANK YOU!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I wouldn't bother with games... you'll be at the PARK - keep it loose & unstructured! As far as food, you can do just snacks, depending on the time of the party. Or, you could keep it simple with hot dogs, or sandwiches, or even some Little Caesar's pizza. For a 1 year old party you really don't need to go all out because they won't even remember it. I wouldn't bother with favor bags, either. Huge waste of money. Decorations can be simple and bought at the dollar store - streamers and a few mylar ballons and table cloths are good enough.

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answers from Washington DC on

You don't mention what time of day, or when in March.

If you do the party mid morning, you can get away with just cake and drinks
If you do the party mid afternoon, you can get away with just cake, drinks and maybe ice cream.

The Dollar Tree is great for inexpensive party supplies.
Don't bother with goody bags. Unless maybe you want to hand out bubbles to the kids as they leave.



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answers from Phoenix on

If you have the party at 2 or 3 pm, you can serve snacks and be fine. As for entertainment, it's a park! The kids play, the adults play with them, the adults sit and chat. Easy! Don't worry about a theme, just get some basic balloons and streamers. Parks are hard to decorate anyway, because you have to tape everything and wind can bea pain.

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answers from Columbia on

He's 1. Toddlers don't care about games. They're there for the food and to play at the park.

For decorations, head to the Dollar General and get your streamers and balloons. Don't bother with goody bags. As a matter of fact...don't even bother with a theme. Lots of color is theme enough for a 1 year old.

Food, time together, playing, cake....you have a party.

Be sure you have plenty of wipes or towels to clean up cake messes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You really don't need entertainment if you're at a park. The kids will be so happy playing on the playground that they don't need anything else. Don't spend money on entertainment.

For my son's first, we also did it at a park. I gave the kids their goody bags at the beginning of the party. Goody bags were actually pails with a shovel attached, and they also contained chalk and bubbles - all things that could be used at the party to keep them busy. We had kids ranging from six months to about four years old, and everyone got the same thing.

For food, if you have the party from 10 - 12 or 2 - 4, you don't need to provide much. Cake (which can be homemade) and maybe some fruit and/or chips and dip. Keep it simple, keep it cheap.

For decoration, buy some balloons and colorful tablecloths and you're set.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I'd just let the kids play on a playground and then come have cake. You don't have to do anything else. There is no reason to spend more money. The cake can be the focal point of the whole thing.

Just remember that those really cute cakes tend to be pretty small. They are adorable and cute but they don't feed many.

For this first birthday it's probably just going to be adults with a few kids. So I'd not do the gifts with the kids there sitting down. I'd just let the kids go play and hold the baby for the picture potential. Let him tear the paper and be cute.

Everyone will have a relaxing time that will have lots of memories of baby's ability to charm them all.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like doing a theme but you can keep it simple (table cover, napkins & plates). Look for them at a Dollar Store first. Otherwise Walmart.

Blow up some balloons to decorate. Make your own banner or just hang up one of those "Happy Birthday" signs.

I would do reg size or mini cupcakes instead of a cake so there's no waste. You can make them yourself.

Have a pinata (depending on their age).

I'd skip the goody bags.

You can always have a crazy straw for each kid to be fun but take note they don't work in those mini cups (they tip over).

If you're at a park you don't need any games but you can always have a few balls for them to kick around.

I would have some food on hand. Kids work up an appetite playing & running around. Bring:
-small water bottles
-juice boxes
-carrots & ranch (keep ranch in ice chest)
-sliced salami, sliced cheese, small sliced bread, crackers

All this can be done on the cheap!

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