"1St" Birthday Food Ideas - Azle,TX

Updated on November 23, 2009
B.C. asks from Azle, TX
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Hello ladies,

My daughter's 1st birthday party is this coming Sunday. I am looking for any suggestions on what to do food wise....Does anyone have any ideas?? The party is only going to be simple as in close family, not many small children. Her theme is Elmo, so I thought maybe Goldfish crackers would be kinda cool or maybe I should buy a real goldfish with a glass bowl...That would be fun:) Thanks in advance:)


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My oldest son's first birthday theme was Elmo, also. It was a family only party, so I cooked lunch for the family and just had Goldfish and other little snacks that he enjoyed.

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If it's mostly adults, I would do mostly foods you would want, but have kid-friendly foods as well. Fruit, cheese, and crackers are perfect foods for both adults and kids! I would keep it pretty simple. The goldfish idea is cute, but what would you do with the goldfish afterwards? Do you want to keep them?

For the kids who will be there, if you want to do a craft project, you could have them color a pre-cut fish tank (made out of construction paper) then have them glue goldfish crackers in the fish tank. And if you wanted to take it to the next step, cover the front of the fish tank with blue saran wrap to make it look like water (wrap it around the edges, then tape it, leave it kinda wrinkly). I hope that makes sense, and isn't very confusing! My brain's not working very well today:)

Whatever you do, enjoy!!!

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Every child is different, but we had dinner that catered more to the adults at the party (A LOT of my friends/family, some older kids, and maybe only 2 small children). We kept it easy for him to eat if he chose to, and he loved it all: jambalaya, blackened aligator, white beans, salad, a little french bread, and I made my own veggie tray and fruit tray. Maybe a little strange for a 1st birthday, but he loved it and so did everyone else. :)
(I made the veggie tray with dip and fruit tray with dip thinking that may be what he ate though---I DID have him in mind, lol). He ate the meal, and chocolate cake, the only thing we served that he didn't eat was icecream. Go figure!!

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