18 Year Old Wanting Driver's License.

Updated on January 04, 2010
A.W. asks from Euless, TX
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My daughter just turned 18 and she does not have her driver's permit or a license and she's never taken driver's ed. What does she need to do in order to get her license? Does she just take a written test or will she have to take a driving test too?


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answers from Dallas on

I have 2 18 yr olds too. Yes, to both written and behind-the-wheel tests. Acquire a Tx drivers handbook and get her to study it before she takes the test. And find a large parking lot to practice actual driving... Later

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answers from Norfolk on

Here is the site for the Department of Motor vehicles for Texas:


They should have the answers to all your questions.



answers from Dallas on

As far as I remember, you had to pass driver's ed and a written. If she is in high school she will need a TEA form. All of this is what I remember from 10 yr ago though.



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She doesn't have to take driver's ed, but if she does she will get a discount on her insurance. Since she is 18 she may be able to get the same discount by taking Defensive Driving. You will need to talk to your agent about that.



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She's 18 -- she doesn't have to do driver's ed. Driver's ed is for under 18 and over 15 to get licensed. She will have to take the written test and a driving test at the local DMV. She will need to bring a SS card and proof of ID with her.




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Without taking Drivers Ed she will need to take the driving portion as well. If you want her to take Drivers Ed you can enroll her in Sears Driving School in Hulen or any private driving school. I went through Sears and they tought me alot, they do not do parrallel parking until after your test where I believe TXDOT it is part of the test. There is also Cowtown driving school.


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For her safety, have her take defensive driving. You can do it online for as little as $25 and you get the insurance discount.



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A new law came into effect the first of January that requires that everyone under the age of 21 has to have a drivers permit for a year and complete an approved drivers course through the DPS. If you go to their website you will find all the information. We just got our third son his permit. We got him in to test before the new year. He does not have to wait a year to get his license but he is required to take the driving portion. If your daughter is in high school, she will need a VOE form which stands for verification of enrollment form the school office. Hope this helped you.



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When i turned 18 i did not have a drivers license either..i did not have to take drivers ed..just went to dmv and took the written test and then the driving portion of the test and got my license

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