18 Week Ultra Sound Cyst Found on Fetus Neck.

Updated on March 31, 2011
E.D. asks from New York, NY
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This is my 3rd Baby, I am 38 years old. We went for our 18 week ultrasound yesterday and it was identified that there was a 3mm cyst on the babies neck, the doctor did not seem worries and said there were no other abnormalities.
However I dont go back for my level 2 ultra sound for 4 weeks and after a little research I am scared to death, has anyone else been through the same situation and can offer any advice?

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answers from Boston on

this was my Mantra Every day =multiple times a day while I was pregnant!
My OB told me to stop reading things on the net!
Be Strong and dont Stress its unhealthy for mama and Baby :-)

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answers from Kansas City on

Been there...I know that it is nerve wracking. Quit the research it will only drive you more insane for the next four weeks. We found our sons at the Level 2 u/s...his was on his brain...I had to wait 6 more weeks before we had another...breath through out this time. 6 weeks later u/s...cyst had dissolved or whatever the medical term is for it.

You just have to keep going and I know the waiting is hard but the time will determine the outcome. Our son is now three and completely healthy. A giant head (so is husbands) but no issues.

Power of positive thinking! I know its cliche but keep thinking good thoughts.

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answers from Dallas on

I just have to say, I do NOT agree wtih Leah. We have technology to intervene medically when there is something wrong with our children, before they are even born, and I think that that is a wonderful thing. The problem here is not with the sonograms, the problem is with the internet. Sweety, stop searching the internet. You will only find stress and undue anxiety. If your doctor is not worried, you don't be worried. Your baby can feel that turmoil. Deep breath, relax, treat yourself to a pedicure or massage or something to help you relax.

And, congratulations on your up and coming little one!

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answers from Philadelphia on

As a mother who had something seriously wrong with her baby diagnosed through ultrasound I can tell you that doctors do not mess around if they are concerned. Trust your doctor. You would have been sent for immediate further testing if the doc was at all worried. And do not read info on the Internet! God bless you and your baby. I know how scared you are but everything will be OK.

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answers from Eugene on

Let it be. There are many false diagnosis in Ultra Sound. Why they want two of them is beyond me. If women are going to go to term with a baby why bother it in the womb. It's uncomfortable for the baby. "Expert" readers have made mistakes over and over.
If it is a problem surgury after birth can remove it. If it is reabsorbed by the body you've spent far too much time in turmoil your baby can feel.
If we were meant to be looking at the unborn we would have see through windows in our abdomens.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Okay, while I agree with the women saying to stop researching, I am shocked by some of the other opinions.
1. The internet is here for research. You were told your baby has a cyst. Of course you are going to research it. It is something you are not familiar with and need more answers. On the other hand, the internet can lead you to false information or a very scary diagnosis that is probably not the case.
2. You are a mother...you are going to worry. No one should tell you not to worry. That is your job as a parent. On the other hand, be patient. You should put your focus on your two children and eating healthy.
3. No one should put their opinions on medical tests and equipment on you. Ultrasounds are very effective and important tools to help determine multiple things during pregnancy...weight, length, abnormalities, and other conditions.
4. You have a right to be scared. I know I would be. I do agree with what some of these women are saying. If your doctor doesn't seem to be concerned right now, that is great. Trust your doctor unless he/she gives you a reason not to.
5. A cyst can be a number of things, including something scary. But it could very well be something benign such as fatty tissue.

My Sister in law had an ultrasound done during her 20th week. They found a cyst on her forehead/nose in between her eyebrows. They said it was a benign cyst and to watch it for a few months it could go away. However, it did not go away. They did have to do surgery to remove it when she was a year old. She has no scar, no side effects, and is perfectly healthy. When her cyst was found it was 2mm and it was 2.5mm when it was removed.

Keep doing your research. Write down all of your questions so you can discuss what you are worried about at your next appointment. Your doctor will give you all the answers you need/want to your questions. Explain your fear and anxiety.

Let us know what they say! You are in my thoughts. Good Luck! Best wishes!

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answers from Washington DC on


Now, Okay- you are NOT a doctor, right? if your OB is NOT concerned - you should NOT stress over it.

With all of our modern technology there are some people who feel they can do the research and diagnose what's wrong. DO NOT try and self-diagnose.

The cyst may come and go. WHO KNOWS!!! If the doctor is not stressing over it - but wanting to watch out for it - why stress over it and cause yourself lack of sleep and all the other symptoms (high blood pressure, etc.) stop, stop, stop. ENJOY your pregnancy. God will take care of you! Turn it over to Him and all will be right with the world.

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answers from Rochester on

Of course, you are going to worry. Of course, you are going to be scared. Of course, you are going to do research. And, of course, you are going to read some really scary stuff. All of this is normal. And nothing anyone says here in the forum will get rid of that worry or make you less scared. What you need to do is talk with your doctor. Ask lots of questions. Ask all the "what if" questions. Let him/her know how worried/scared you are.



answers from New York on

I was in a similar situation. When I was around 35 weeks an ultrasound showed a cyst on my baby's neck. The doctor scared the heck out of me saying what it might be (I forget now), but offered that if it was what she thought it would be easily removed. She sent me to 2 specialists. The first said that he didn't see a cyst, but he would not confirm that it wasn't there. The 2nd specialist said there was no cyst, my baby was perfect and to try to relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. My doctor suggested a C sec tion, because just in case there was something there, she didn't want it getting compressed during a vaginal delivery .

I had the C section and gave birth to a healthy, cyst-free boy who is now 3 1/2. The cord was looped behind his shoulder an dmay have been casting a shadow.

My advice to you is to keep asking questions. Definitely get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. And, if there is a cyst, find out what it means and how it will be treated. In my case if there was a cyst it would not have been life threatening and would have required some cosmetic surgery.

Good luck,



answers from Chicago on

Did the doctor call it a branchial cleft cyst? If this is what it might be, then it is no big deal. My son was born with one on each side of his neck. I didn't know what they were, and they weren't identified as cysts until he was two years old. They didn't bother him. They just looked like bulging veins when he cried. He had surgery to remove them about six months ago, and he is fine.

That's so scary to see something abnormal on an ultrasound. Four weeks is a long, anxious wait until your next ultrasound. Hang in there!



answers from New York on

Yep. Stay off the internet. Talk to your baby. Have your husband talk to the baby at night. Have your other children sing to your baby. Enjoy! If the doctors aren't concerned then don't be - it's horrendous the pressure they put on moms when there are potential abnormalities - trust me, they'd tell you if there were any concerns!

Your baby has fingernails formed - so much is already going on - heart, kidneys, spinal chord - you have felt her movement!




answers from New York on

Try and relax until your next ultrasound. If the doctor was concerned, I would
think he would be sending you for more studies.


Try and relax until your next ultrasound. If the doctor was concerned, I would
think he would be sending you for more studies.



answers from Columbus on

At my 20 week ultrasound with my 1st baby, they found a cyst on her brain that was a marker for a genetic disorder. I was so worried and had to wait 4 weeks to have another ultrasound. At that ultrasound the cyst was gone and my daughter is healthy no problems at all. I know it is really hard not to worry but try thinking positive thoughts. I did a ton of research when this happened and I know it's hard not to but sometimes the research makes you more scared. Also maybe make a list of questions and if you can call your doctor with them and they might be able to help.Try to relax, trust me I know its tough! Hoping all goes well with you and your baby!

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