18 Month Old with High Fever

Updated on August 08, 2012
D.S. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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My little guy has been struggling with illness for the past 6 weeks or so. It started with congestion. Then he had an infection in both eyes. The congestion has never gone away. At times it was accompanied by a bad cough. Last week he started to run fever. He had an ear infection. We went to the doctor today and the ear infection has cleared up but we're still having problems with fever. The highest was about 1.5 hours ago at 104.7. The doctor says that he's just getting one illness after another and to call him if the fever reaches 105 or higher. He's refusing to eat. I can barely get him to drink anything. Is anyone else having similar symptoms. He has tested negative for the flu.

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OMG, well when my daughter was sick at that age (throwing up constantly) we were adviised to just gave her gatorade for 3 days straight...she took it okay, at least she was having SOMETHING. Jello is something to try too, because he does need the calories and to keep him from dehydration... poor little thing..if he is barely eating/drinking at all for long periods he needs to be admitted to the hospital, how accurate is your thermometer? Its possible that he DID reach 105 if your thermometer isn't perfect. I would call 104.7 105 and call the doctor to be honest! Good luck!



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GO to the Dr. Get a 2nd opinion.



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Poor baby and M.!! So sorry you both are going through this. His little body is trying so hard to fight whatever it is that he still has.
If it were me, at this point I would be really, REALLY concerned that he's hardly drinking. How many wet dipes is he having? At his age I'm guessing 5/6 is the appropriate amount? Call the doc and tell him your concerns, call right now if you need to. He may want you to bring him in to get some fluids.
Good luck I hope he can start feeling better soon!!!!



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A 103.5+ fever in an infant or toddler (12-30 months) is scary but not unusual (usually some kind of viral infection) and there are several easy steps to take to reduce the fever.

1.- Baby tylenol.
2.- Soak in tub of tepid (room temperature) water.
3.- Gatorade.

Keep in mind that a baby's temp will go up in the evening/night, so be prepared for a long night. You can nurse, but don't give a milk bottle. Cold water is also good. You can also wrap the baby in a wet (room temperature) towel, so as it cools the cool water will be absorbed by the baby.

If the fever climbs past 105 or persists for more than 6-12 hours without breaking, you should take your baby to the ER.

This is just a suggestion, but you might want to have your baby tested for allergies ... because allergic reactions often cause the same kind of symptoms that you mentioned and can persist for weeks on end.

*Note: It's always a good idea to take some ARC First-Aid courses. I took five different courses, ended up being the neighborhood nurse, and my three children still call me for advice when one of my grandchildren is sick.



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I would get a second opionion if your doc is just saying its something that is trying to clear up...A fever that high, there is something majorly wrong!!!! I had to go to a specialist last year when my daughter was 5 mths old and she was running a fever of 103.5 for 3 days straight, the first day that she started running her fever, I took her to our doc and he said that it was roseola and that she should break out in a rash in 3 days...well those days came and went and it ended up being a urinary tract infection. I had to take her to the ER and she had to be ADMITTED!! I was terrified...but also, I felt like I should have caught something like this, but it isn't something so typical that you just assume that is what it is...never just take one docs opionion....I love my Doc, but he was WRONG!!! :) I am glad I did get another opinion or who knows what damage it could have done to her little kidneys!!! :) Good luck and I wish the best for your baby!!



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104.7 is definitely a high fever. I would not wait for it to get higher. It's important that he ingest fluids so he doesn't dehydrate. I believe there are things like gatorade and pedialyte that will help keep his body properly hydrated even without food. If the high fever continues and he's not at least drinking fluids, and your doctor isn't giving you an answer you like, take him to the emergency room. Do not be afraid to get a second opinion.

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