18 Month Old Eye Allergies?

Updated on March 03, 2011
E.M. asks from Mesa, AZ
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My 18 month old daughter has terrible seasonal allergies (constant runny nose) and yesterday had excessive white eye boogers that I had to clean up several times. I put in some clear eyes before she went to bed and this morning she woke up and her eyes were crusted shut. Her eyes are not red but around her eyes are very red but she is not rubbing them. I don't think its pink eye because her eye balls are not at all red or irritated. Anyone have any suggestions? Plus she was put on a strong antibotic at the end of Feb. which just finished last Thursday for croup and an ear infection.

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So What Happened?

We took her to the pediatrician and it turns out its not pink eye she just has really bad allergies and her sinuses are causes her eyes to drain. I have never heard of this happening before. Thank you everyone for your responses.

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answers from Phoenix on

I would make a doctor's appointment ASAP. It could be an eye infection that would require drops or it could be an ear infection. I know both my daughter and a little girl I care for have had ear infections with no fevers when they were dealing with major nasal drainage and the only sign there was something else going on was that their eyes were draining also. Good luck!

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answers from Cumberland on

It sounds like she needs an optalmic antibiotic that you will need to get from the doctor-in the meantime-warm compresses with a clean washcloth several times/day-and use a clean cloth each time-may help. Sometimes what starts out to be an allergy-can end up as a secondary bacterial infection

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answers from Dallas on

My oldest reacted this way and it was an infection in his eye and he did have to get on antibiotics. I liken it to a sinus infection of they eye. Not not a medical term, just the only way I finally wrapped my head around it.
I'd take her in to see the pedi, get the antibiotic and find out what allergy regimines are ok for her.
Around 2 mine went on 1/2 dose of children's claritin during peak seasonal allergy times and now he doesn't even need that.
Good luck sorting all this out:)

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds like an infection. I would call the pediatrician for Vigamox drops. Hopefully, since she does not have a fever they can just call in a prescription for you and you can pick it up. I like these drops because you only have to use them 2X a day instead of 4 with some of the other generics.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi Ejessie,

The eye boogers are probably simply scratching the eyes and making them red as she rubs her eyes. If they're itchy, she will rub...

At 18 months old, nutrition is important to stave off allergies as well as keeping the things that break down her immune system away. A total detox of the house will help tremendously. My allergies simply went away at age 48. I was told I would live with them forever but golly, the doctors were wrong. I simply built my immune system up so it was strong. It's easier with little ones because they don't have all the "stuff" that has built up in their system over the many many years.

Detoxing is simply and inexpensive if you do it like I did. I'll be glad to share if you're interested.




answers from Phoenix on

It does sound like pink eye, but I'd take her to see the Pediatrician to be sure. In the mean time use a warm wash cloth over the eyes to help with the eye gunk.



answers from St. Louis on

pink eye/conjunctivitis can begin with "eye" boogers or with pinkness in the eyes. Sometimes it's the result of a bacterial infection of unknown cause.... & sometimes it's the result of allergies/sinus issues. Regardless, it's time to see the doctor.

My pediatrician used to say that it was just the snot backing up & coming out another opening when kids have sinus infections/allergies. He said it has to come out one way or another....the nose, the ear (resulting in ear infections), or the eyes (resulting in conjunctivitis). He always laughed when he said this!

& as a heads-up, in my daycare, I've had two children with it in the past 2 weeks! The 1st child did not have any allergy issues....& began with "eye" boogers. The 2nd child caught it from the 1st....& began with swollen puffy eyes (top & bottom) with lots of pink in the whites of the eyes. Both children were placed on different antibiotic eye drops, with the 1st requiring a change of meds after 5 days. Yee-hah! What fun.....

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