16Th Birthday Party Ideals

Updated on November 10, 2008
T.M. asks from Royse City, TX
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Hi again Mom's,

My DD is about to be the big 16 and I dont want to go to far out on a limb, so I have taken it on myself to let her have some friends over to have a sleep over on the weekend. What is there to do at home for a group of teens beside cake and ice cream that isn't to expensive. I have read on here about where to go for a blow out bash but seeing how we have a newborn and another teen at home money is kinda tight. So if you have any ideals for a at home get together can you please send them my way. Thanks again for your support.


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answers from Dallas on

What about getting a foot spa and all of the things they would need to do manicures and/or pedicures..you can get most everything you would need from the dollar store and what you can't get from there you could pick up at walmart. Another thing that may be fun is let them cook...make their own pizza, tacos or whatever type of snack your daughter would like. Also, let them rent movies...that's always fun. Games, game tournaments, they mostly just like being together so they will probably make up their own things to do as well. HTH

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answers from Wichita Falls on

Second renting movies - from that dollar kiosk in wal-mart, letting them cook, and mani/pedis. If you have a friend who sells Arbonne, Avon, or Mary Kay, they might be willing to do a 'party' for your daughter and her friends.. with or without a small fee.



answers from Dallas on

Movies, music (do you by chance have a Wii?) Guitar Hero is a huge hit. Spa products so they can do mani's and pedi's for each other. Do you have a speaker system to plug in the IPod, etc. Bose has a great dock system that you can dock your Ipod or IPhone on and listen to music. We used that for a small halloween party and it was a hit.

Make your own pizza or bake something in the kitchen. If you are not planning a huge bash, let them go and have a great time at home (within reason of course as in no tp'ing yards and messing up the house).



answers from Dallas on

the dollar store or walmart can suply the parties
scrapbooking- teen style, great memory keeper
paint party - ceramics or canvas
game night twister ete
sweet 16 party chocolate fondue and differant desserts
glow party dark lights and glow posters
decorate white t's tye dye, paint or bedazzle type

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