16 Year Old Daughter Might Have Hormonal Imbalance?

Updated on May 22, 2011
C.W. asks from Sedalia, MO
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i am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience...my 16 yr old daughter is 5' tall and 92 lbs. she started her period when she was 12, but has never been regular with it. it varies so much. sometimes it's 2 months apart, then sometimes just 2 weeks. this last 6 months or so, she has gotten more and more hair in unwanted places (ie upper lip, lower back, & feet). she's always been a lil moody, so it's hard to say if she's having "mood swings" or not...don't all teenagers? her breasts have gotten smaller so we've had to buy smaller bras. additionally, we noticed a dark line/dry scaley looking skin area down the front of her neck. also about 6 months ago, she was having some abdominal pain, and we thought maybe her ovaries were bothering her, and she has a cyst on one of her breasts. well, they did an ultrasound of both areas, and they came back normal. the abdominal pain went away, so we didn't worry about it much, but since then these other symptoms have been bothersome, so we went back to dr again to see what was up....they took several vials of blood...it is my understanding that they are concerned about the rash as the same type that's associated with insulin resistance, i think it's called an Acanthosis Nigricans rash...but anyway, they had her fast before the bloodwork, and ordered a full workup of her hormones and blood sugar, and a couple other things i'm not sure what. dr is to call me monday morning with results. any ideas what we might be dealing with?

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So What Happened?

for those of you who are saying PCOS...i didn't think that the case since the ultrasound of her ovaries came back as "normal".

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I know most doctors like to "label" this as PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome.

However, I would SERIOUSLY use caution before getting "lumped" into this category of labeling.

Have your OB/GYN do a thorough exam - hormone levels to include testosterone levels, estrogen, etc. blood count - the WHOLE thing...DO NOT let them LABEL her and put her on the pill....

I was 15 when I got put on the pill - mine were VERY irregular, I have a deeper voice, etc. PCOS was NOT around when I was 15 so they just said "here - take this" and it worked - I stayed between 135 and 145 and my periods came one per month like clockwork...the minute I got off the pill - i ballooned up to 200lbs - not an exaggeration...

PCOS is usually related to insulin issues as well...her pancreas can either release too much or too little - believe it or not - it is NOT the same for each woman....

For me? i have a deep voice, large hands, big boobs (38DD) and all my weight is settling in my mid-section. My blood glucose levels are low...but your daughter is different.

DO NOT let up on the doctors. Ask for a referral to an endochronologist as well!!


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I agree with Cheryl in that you should feel comfortable with the diagnosis and see results in the treatment. If you don't, keep pushing for more investigation. I hope that this advice isn't needed and they find the cause and a treatment right away.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is likely what she has. Glad you are seeking help. Nurse Midwife Mom of 3

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It is normal at the first year or two for the period to be irregular especially if it started early as your daughter , so irregularity is not an indication of something abnormal every women has her own character. some women has irregular periods all their life and they get pregnant and have kids too.regarding her weight and height it could be normal if you body , the father body or any family member is having the same. but it still be serious and you do good by seeing a doctor and sure this blood work will come back with clue. but do your daughter a faver dont stick to one doctor , see OB/GYN , an endochronologist, internet , do MRI to her female genital system , see a surgeon to examine her thyroid ,ultrasound is not enough and not everything is discovered by it there is more advanced tests now, complete hormonal workout , be sure she is not taking any weight control bills it sometimes has side effects , if she is on any medication for anything even the silly over counter pain killer or multivitamins or any kind of drugs tell your doctor about, if she had any sudden change in her diet or life style , starting new sport it may be alot of staff give you doctor very detailed and clear history. read about her symptom before you go to the doctor to be able to discuses with him your case. finally don't over estimate the issue just be sure to do your best to know if this normal or she need help because sometimes it is just the nature of our bodies. good luck

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