16 Moth Old Sinus Infection?

Updated on December 20, 2009
M.H. asks from La Grange, IL
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Hello Moms,

My son had a fever yesterday and it was very controllable with Tylenol and Motrin. He cried last night several times and then fell back asleep. However his nose drippings are green but no fever today. He has a congested cough. I was wondering if it is possible for a child of 16 months to have a sinus infection? When I have sinus infections I rarely have a fever. So my question is do you think it is possible? With his nose draining, it might be a good sign since my head is usually stuffy with out any drippings when I have one. Thanks for your help.


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So What Happened?

Well we went to the doc and he has pink eye and an upper respiratory infection.

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answers from Peoria on

My daughter just had these symptom but they went on for over a week. She'd have a very low fever one day (which tylenol would get rid of) and then the next she would be ok. But the fever came back a couple more times. Took her in and she had an ear infection.

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answers from Chicago on

Although very rare, it can happen. As others have said, the sinuses are not completely developed yet. What he could have is the common cold. Looks the same, feels the same but it develops a little differently. I also recommend running the humidifier and using saline. I would also take him in for a check up to be safe. Something to remember about the common cold, it is what RSV comes from. Baby gets a cold that progresses into a respitory infection and then into RSV. I had it happen with my toddler when he was just over a year old. So just keep an eye on it. If he doesn't start getting better soon then you know you may be dealing with something very stubborn or it's developing into something worse. I always recommend taking them in just to get checked out. Many times anything with the sinuses goes into the ear which could be why he's crying at night.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi M.. My daughter, who is almost 4 yrs old, had a sinus infection last month. My Pediatrician said that sinus infections are more rare in children than adults, since all of the sinus cavities are not yet developed. (I think he said the sinus cavities will not be fully developed until age 6?)

My Pediatrician asked if my daughter's breath had been bad...and it had been noticeably terrible! That's a symptom of a sinus infection in children. And he said that the dark circles under her eyes were also a symptom.

If she's not improving, I think you may need to make a trip to the Pediatrician. I hope she feels better soon.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes it is possible, the best way to help ease his pain is a humidifer and clean his nose with a saline solution. If you decide to go to the doctor, make sure to ask whether it is a bacterial or viral infection. If viral, then a course of antibiotics won't do a thing to help treat it. Read this article for a little more info on antibiotic overuse and sinus infections: http://www.examiner.com/x-7158-Chicago-Family-Health-Exam...

Good Luck!
Maternal and Child Health Educator

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answers from Mansfield on

My doctor told me that kids can't get a true "sinus infection" until about 12 because they haven't fully developed. He may have a cold or ear infection. Ear infections usually make kids react exactly as you said your son acted last night!
Please be very careful with Tylenol and Motrin.they can cause many health problems you don't want to deal with and don't "cure" anything.
Fever is a good thing it means the body is fighting whatever it is making it sick. If you use meds to lower the fever you are not allowing the immune system to do its job. Just like vomiting is the bodies way of getting rid of something bad you ate (if you take antivomit meds you are allowing those poisions to stay in there). Check out Mercola.com for more information about fever. Dr. Mercola recommends not using any fever reducing meds unless the fever is over 105F.
Check with your doctor to find out what is causing his symptoms and treat the problem that the "warning lights" like fever.
Hope this helps :)

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answers from Chicago on

Hi M. Take your son to see his peditrican. He/she are only ones who can give you the right answer. After all they are the professional ones. So take him in to see his doctor before it developes into something worse.



answers from Springfield on

My son had his first sinus infection at 9 months, and a second around 16 months as well, so yes, it's possible. After he had a cold that seemed like it wouldn't go away, I took him to his pedi, who diagnosed it as a sinus infection, and the antibiotics cleared it up in days. So when it happened again, I knew right away what it was. So give his doctor a call.



answers from Chicago on

Yes they can get them but it is usually after a cold that hasn't gone away. Dark circles under the eyes and coughing have been my main indicators (my kids sinuses drain down their throats which causes the cough.) Rarely have mine had a fever--but I know my doctor always asks and then is shocked they haven't had one.

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