16 Month Old with Strong Smelling Urine

Updated on March 07, 2007
H.D. asks from Dodgeville, WI
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This may be totally normal, but I don't remember having this issue with my son who is now three. My daughter has very strong smelling urine. So bad that I often check to see if she has pooped. She drinks a total of about 16-24 ounces of milk/day and about 8 ounces of 100% juice/day. Anything else she drinks is water. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort so I haven't really given much thought to her having some kind of infection. The urine doesn't seem overly dark in her diaper so I think she's getting enough fluids. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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I've noticed my daughter, who is just over a year, can have some strong smelling urine and I think it is normal. I'm not a medical expert, however. Every time I bring my daughter into the doc, they say everything looks fantastic. Good luck!



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Try this link. I have heard from several sources that the recommended intake of juice per day for toddlers is 4 oz. Maybe add some 100% cranberry juice. Add half and half with regular juice if your child does not like it. I have also read that pomegranate juice is a great juice also. Decrease milk and juice overall and add more water. Water is always the best hydration!



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Hmmmm, well if the urine is not dark, then like you said she is drinking a lot. I guess if it were me, I'd bring it up at the next doc appt.

I see you were married over 10 yrs before you had kids. I did the same and now am going to have my 4th this summer. We'll be married almost 19 yrs by then.

Good luck.



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You might want your doctor to test her urine. My oldest had a bladder condition called a uterocele she was born with. It had to be corrected with surgery. The only way we found out was she had a fever and her urine was tested and came back with an infection.(this is when she was six mo old) Children tend to hide infections very well. The smell might be an indication of infection or it can be as simple as the brand of diapers you use. Most doctors do have a other way of collecting urine from toddlers besides the cathyter that is less evasive. It's a little bag with sticky tape on it that attaches to the baby to collect the urine and fits under the diaper.



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Do you use cloth diapers? If so, it may be your diapers that are the cause. Check out Mothering.com under diapering and ask there. They will be more than willing to help.

If it's not diapers, is it all of the time?
What does she eat on a regular basis. Do you have her on any vitamins? these things could be the cause too. It doesn't sound like there is anything wrong if it's not painful. But, if you think that something is wrong bring up at her 18 month check up.



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I recently asked my pediatrician about this regarding my son who was 2 months at the time. She said that it can be a bladder infection with outany other symptoms, but she said they would have to use a catheder (sp?) to get a urine sample and I didn't want to do that for something that only I seemed to notice.

So, she suggested that I try a different brand of diapers and see if that made a difference in the smell and it totally did! I normally use pampers, but switched to luvs for a few days and the smell was gone.

Jess - Mom to 2 year old Charlie and 3 month old Joey.



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I had the same thing with my boys - very strong smelling urine. In my experience, it was nothing to worry about. It would be so strong that that is all I could smell in the morning when I opened their bedroom door. I don't know if this makes you feel better, but I did have that and my boys are just fine. If you are truly worried about it, I would just ask the doctor at your next visit for piece of mind.

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H., my son had a similar issue. I checked with his pediatrician and they ran some tests. Everything turned out fine. It's worth checking with your doctor though just to be sure.



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may just not be drinking enough and be dehydrated?



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My first thought was you were giving her to much juice but after reading your paragraph above your doing a great job in what you give her especially water. I know a symptom of diabetes can be sweet smelling breath or a change in urine.

I also babysat a 6 week old baby this weekend and I noticed the exact same thing.I would check her often and all but it was extrememly noticable if you walked in the room that was all you could smell. I also didn't remember that with my own daughter. This baby is drinking soley pumped breast milk so I'm guessing it's normal and some of us just have stronger smelling urine.

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