15 Months Feet Are Turned Out

Updated on August 24, 2009
L.J. asks from Dallas, TX
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My son has been walking for about 3 months now. At first his feet were turned just slightly outward. The more he is walking, they are completely outward, especially his left foot. I am taking him to his pediatrician tomorrow but I thought I would get some advice from you ladies if you have it. What can I do to help? Excercises, massages, shoes etc. Thanks

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Just an historical note.

When I was young, it was common for kids to be put into corrective shoes when they were young. I remember that one of my brothers was pigeon-toed and had to wear them for a while.

They've gone out of fashion now and probably for good reason. They were ugly and kids got made fun of in school over them.



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Your Dr might suggest contacting ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). They can evaluate your son to see if he needs therapy and it's very reasonably priced or even free depending on your income and insurance. My son didn't walk until he was 16 months and we made the appt for the evaluation and he walked 2 days before they came to see him, of course. But then he wasn't speaking very many words at 2 years and he qualified for speech therapy until he turned 3. They work with all kinds of motor and development skills and they are wonderful!! If your Dr doesn't suggest it, you can call them directly. I thought I had the phone number but couldn't find it but look them up. They have an 800 number to set the appt for they evaluation. Good Luck!



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Hello L.,

My daughter had a similar issue at that age and taking her to our chiropractor solved the issue. It was her left foot that was outward. All our regular doctor could do was wait. Well, I couldn't. and I'm glad I didn't. It's not an overnight result but with patience, it gets completely corrected. His hips could be out of alingment which in turn mis-align the knees, etc. etc.

Hooten Family Chiropractic
16970 Dallas Parkway #201
Dallas TX 75248

Good luck!



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Hi L.,

It sounds like your son's hip flexors are unusually tight. A chiropractic consult and adjustment could prove very helpful! Dr. Chris Creed is extrodinary and has helped me! His number is ###-###-####. He also does housecalls which might be helpful with such a young one!

He works with people a long time until they are comfortable so they are able to be adjusted properly which is important! I went to him for problems with my feet and I am extremely ticklish! Really, like a two year old - it is pathetic! For this reason, I have a hard time having people with on my feet. He worked with me for almost an hour so he would be able to adjust me - I'm walking fine now!

Good luck!
S. M



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my sons feet are turned out as well. Especially the left one. The right one has gotten a lot better the more he walks. I took him to the peditrian and he told us that most kids will grow out of this. We just have to watch him. If things don't get better by the time he's 18-20 months then we'll see a specialist.

Good luck with your little one.

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