15 Month Old with Random Vomitting...

Updated on December 11, 2007
B.G. asks from Sacramento, CA
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My daughter is 15 months old and a little over a week ago she has randomly been vomitting. The first time was while she was sleeping in her crib. My first thought was that she was coming down with something. As the day progressed, she had no further symptoms and seemed fine. The following morning she spit up what seemed to be bile out of nowhere. The next few days she was fine. Followed by a morning with a few seconds of what seemed to be dry heaving. And again, the next day getting sick in her crib. Her BM's have been completely normal. Someone suggested a milk intolerance, but she has been on formula since a month old and we have not introduced any new foods recently. She has her 15 month appointment next week, and since she otherwise seems to be feeling healthy, I'm just going to talk to her dr then.

I'm just looking for anyone with advice or common experiences.

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So What Happened?

Well, the random vomitting stopped... and she cut her top molars around the same time. The doctor said that the extra saliva could have caused the vomitting, but since it had stopped, she didn't look to much further into the situation.
We're glad she's feeling better, besides the teething now.
Thank you to everyone for your responses!

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You really should take her to the doctor before next week - vomiting in children, even if only once or twice a day, can severely dehydrate them (dehydration can cause a slew of other, more serious health issues such as increase blood pressure, fever, and collapsing veins). Regardless of what is actually causing her to vomit, it is NOT normal for her to be spontaneously throwing up when she seems normal otherwise - it could be a sign of some more serious problem of which vomiting is just a symptom. Call your ped and see if he/she thinks an earlier dr's appointment is warranted.

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There must be a bug going around. My 3 year old son did the same thing. He would vomit in the middle of the night. Act normal most of the day maybe 36 hours later he would vomit again, with normal stools. He would eat normally. It lasted 7 days and I took him to the Dr. She said it was a bug that would pass and it did. He has also had a bug with that symptom accompained with diarrhea.



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Hi there,
Except for her age, this sounds a lot like my son's experience 2 summers ago. He also started throwing up- a lot (often, not quantity). It came on all of a sudden, and if it wasn't food, it was bile. Our doc ran lots of tests to rule out the scary stuff it could be, and landed on a diagnosis of GERD (acid reflux). Maybe it is a virus and she'll get past it soon. But I would definitely recommend checking with your pediatrician right away if it could be GERD (the acid can do damage over time). My son wasn't experiencing any other symptoms that come a long with a bug-no fever, no achiness, not cranky, except when he had to puke, etc. We treated my son with medication (Reglan)- it stopped the vomiting and also helped strengthen the muscles that close the opening to the stomach to prevent the acid from spashing back up.

Good luck!



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Ear infections can cause vomitting (found out the hard way)and a baby/child can have an ear infection with no fever and no ear pulling. I would say at the very least call the dr. or if you have an advice line and see what they say. There are so many different things it could be and better safe than sorry.
Good luck and happy holidays



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Both my kids spit up when they are teething. No sign of it coming, I just walk through a little wet spot on the carpet or I look over and they have puked all over themselves. I don't remember exactly when, but Walker(my oldest) got his first set of molars around the age of your daughter. He just turned 2 and I remember the molars were just miserable. In any event, you may just want to try giving Hyland's teething tablets. At the very least, they will calm her tummy. Check her gums though. She may be teething...

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