15 Month Old's Urine Smells Funny

Updated on January 12, 2009
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
4 answers

All day today, my baby's urine smells really stale. It sounds weird, but as soon as she pees, i'll go to change her, and it's very potent. It smells really stale and old, but it's fresh. Is this something that I should be concerned about? She drinks plenty of water, juice and milk. She has no fever nor is she acting like anything is wrong. It just smells.

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answers from Dallas on

any fever or diareah? What about vitamins?

If she is running a fever or has diarrhea the smell could be from dehydration, or if there is just a fever, you might want to go see your dr and have your lo check for a uti. Make sure she gets plenty of water either way.

And dd usually gets really pungent urine after i give her her poly vi sol vitamins, or if she eats broccoli of asparagus.

Hope everything is ok



answers from Dallas on

new Vitamins? my daughter has smelly pee and I went and had her urine tested for bladder infection but my dr just said she needed more water, not juice or milk



answers from McAllen on

Hi Aubrey, sounds like it could be a bladder infection, or possibly something she ate. Does it seem like she's hurting at all or maybe she's dehydrated? I think I'd just watch her really closely and if it continues, call the doctor. Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Hey Mama,
I have to say that my 15 month old also has super smelly pee. I have taken her to the Dr. thinking bladder infection/UTI, but nothing at all is wrong with her. My Dr. says that it is common with kids her age who are trying new foods. If she is showing signs of dehydration (dry mouth, no tears etc) then take her in to her Dr. asap. Since little girls can also get yeast infections, definitely consult with your pediatrician, but don't worry, chances are it's just the ravioli she had for dinner. I also stay at home....if we live near each other, perhaps we can have a play date? My daughter doesn't have any friends her age. Good luck, and I hope your fears are eased.
E. Kostreva

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