15 Month Old Prescribed Singulair for Allergies....

Updated on April 17, 2008
K.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi... my 15th month old daughter was just diagnosed with allergies... the doc prescibed singulair for her and my husband read some side effects and does not want me to get the prescription filled. I am going to call the doc and discuss this with him, but do any of you have your children taking singulair and what side effects have you seen? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

My 28 month old daughter began taking Singulair about a month ago for asthma. I haven't seen any side effects at all. Benadryl tends to make little ones sleepy, so if you need to use it daily, it might have more drastic side effects than Singulair.

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my son is 2.5 yrs old and has been taking singular since he was 6 months old. yes that's right. 6 months old. He has significant food allergies and is allergic to cats. he used to also be on zyrtec but seems ok off. When we took him OFF the singulair he broke out in hives from the cats. yes, i know we should get rid of our cats but w/o further explaination, they are old and both on meds and nobody will take them. he seems ok w/ the singular and the doc says it can prevent the possiblity of asthma from developing. so if thre's these behavioral changes they speak of recently i guess i wouldn't know cuz its been 2 yrs!!!!



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My son was also 15 months old when he tested positive for seasonal allergies. We tried the Singulair, but it tore up his stomach! We do use Nasonex and that seems to keep his congestion at bay. We recently discovered he is allergic to eggs and dairy too, although that did not come up positive on the scratch test. Cutting those foods out helped his breathing tremedously. I do agree with the other moms...the less meds the better.


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It seems like a pretty drastic approach for a 15 month old. My daughter experienced allergies last summer (12-16 months) and doctor said to give her a little bit of benedryl (1/2 of regular dose). We did do this on occasion. At their 24 month appt I am going to bring up allergies again and other alternatives but for me personally, unless it's severe, I want to stick with over-the-counter as a worse case. Good luck with your decision.



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Our 4 year old was on this for the last year and a half for asthma.

What are the symptoms of these allergies? I know that allergy testing is not accurate before the age of 3.

I always believe that the least amount of meds are best and there may be another approach to the symptoms of the allergies.

I know that there was recently an alert put out for some possible negatives to this medication....


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Hi K.,
When my son was younger he took allergy medicine.He was allergic to everything.He developed every side effect from this medicine.I switched to a different brand,but after reading about neurological effects such as "may stunt his growth..."I decided that's it, he has to suck it up.
He was allergic to our cat,are grass,mold and dust,our trees..

Guess what it wasn't to bad,sometimes I just gave him a little bit Benadryl, when the symptoms were to bad.
He grew out of all the allergies.I truly believe giving them allergy medicine so young is not only bad for their system, it also doesn't give the body the chance to strenghten the immune system.That is my opinion. Marion



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Hi K.,
My oldest has some pretty nasty allergies and the ped prescribed singulair when he was 2 and after I read the pamphlet and talked to some friends with older kids, I was too afraid to give it to him. I'd be pretty leery to give it to a 15 month old, as well.

You are probably going to get people that respond saying that there are side effects to all drugs and to go ahead and fill the prescription.

we decided to do a natural alternative to treating my son's allergies (food and environmental). My husband was on prescriptions for YEARS and no longer takes them because we have been treating his naturally as well.

If you would like more information on what we do, I would be very happy to share it with you. Our pediatrician is pretty amazed at the results we've had without medical interventions.



answers from Chicago on

Hi K.--Well, medicine is always an option, but for me--I agree with your hubby and would try some natural alternatives first--such as removing allergins, toxins and building her immune system. I have had allergies myself and have a business where we have helped many make some simple changes and gotten great results.
If you would like some info. on the above, just email [email protected]____.com or call ###-###-####. If it makes sense to you we can take it from there.

I'd really like to help:)~J.



answers from Chicago on

my daughter takes singulair and zyrtec simultaneously. she does not see ANY side effects from them. not a single one. She actually gets 'dried out' from benadryl... she gets bloody noses and gets dry eyes when she takes it.

all you can really do is try it... if she has one of the negative side effects, then try something else.

every medication, natural or synthetic has a whole list of side effects... you will never find one without it...the key word is 'possible' side effect. they put those on there to differentiate between a known side effect, and an allergic reaction.

since singulair went over the counter though, my insurance company has dropped it from their formulary, so check to see if it's even covered.

good luck

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