15 Month Old on Alimentum

Updated on June 09, 2010
C.M. asks from Knoxville, TN
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My 15 month old daughter is back on 100% Alimentum after trying whole milk, soy milk, rice milk, and special toddler formula. All caused severe constipation and personality changes (except toddler formula which she simply refused). We go back to her GI in a week, so hopefully we'll get some answers. Just curious if anyone else has ever gone through this and what the outcome was. We are suspecting food allergies (can't do definitive tests until she's older) and are just not sure where to go from here. Anyone else been through this or something similar? Any luck with insurance coverage at this age? Thanks!

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answers from Raleigh on

Two of my kids were on alimentum until 2 years old. We didn't realize my son was food-sensitive (dairy/soy/gluten) until he was 15 months, and by that time he had developmental delays. Once we figured it out, we changed his diet and got him some occupational therapy through our early intervention program at the public schools. He caught up by the time he was 2. My daughter with the same sensitivities (we figured it out at birth) only had alimentum instead of other milk/formula and outgrew everything by the time she was 3. I'd try a gluten/dairy/soy-free diet (it was the proteins my kids couldn't tolerate) and see if that helps. You'd need to check with your insurance company to see if they cover special foods for kids, but a lot of them do. We were fortunate to get WIC for the alimentum (with a doctor's rx) because, as you know, it's expensive! Good luck!



answers from Charleston on

My son was breastfed til 15 months then switched to whole milk then started having major diarrhea so after testing it was determined he had a milk allergy (testing was done at 22 months) so we tried soy and rice milk and those didnt help then I tried almond milk and he is doing great on it. I dont know if your child has an almond allergy or not but you may want to try it. Preston has a peanut allergy but stil can drink the almond milk.



answers from Lexington on

my daughter had to be on breastmilk/formula for the first 2 years. She grew accustomed to soy milk in the third year of life (yeah, it took almost a year) and now regularly drinks that about once a day. She has several food allergies including all nuts and dairy. I would suggest perhaps your child has multiple sensitivities and/or food allergies as well, esp given the personality changees you mentioned. Once we got those worked out and started practicing avoidance, all of our lives have improved dramatically!! You may want to consider visiting a pediatric allergist to have her tested at 18 mos.

My eldest was on Alimentum specifically for a prolonged time as well. He was born with a small hernia, GERD, reflux, and of course colic. Once we took him off the Alimentum and put him on milk, those conditions were again exacerbated and to this day he can't handle dairy (makes his reflux act up and makes him vomit a little all day). He is now on Prevacid daily. This may be another possible issue for you all, and a pediatric gastroenterologist would be the one to see. However, if it is a food sensitivity leading a food allergy, that would probably not be something they'd consider (as opposed to a specific GI malfunction/physical problem) and you may wish to visit the allergist additionally.

Good luck! Take heart - I know how expensive Alimentum can be compared to regular formula!



answers from Louisville on

I have heard of many families finding permanent relief by following the GAPS diet. It is a protocol to heal digestive issues and related ailments including allergies. You can learn more about it at http://www.gaps.me/. Good luck.

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