15 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Week Now

Updated on March 10, 2008
A.A. asks from Meadow Lands, PA
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My baby has had diarrhea for almost a week now and the doctor doesn't seem too concerned. He is eating and drinking ok, he really doesn't act sick. (May be from him teething?) I just bought Pedialyte because I'm afraid he is going to get dehydrated. Am I just being overly concerned? He had diaper rash so bad. I've been plastering on the butt paste but it really isn't helping to much. Any suggestions?

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answers from Scranton on

Dear A.,
I appreciate your concern with your baby and the diarrhea and the diaper rash. Yes, the diarrhea may be caused by teething. I'd say make sure he's getting enough fluids and pedialyte is probably a good choice.
As for the diaper rash, what soap do you use to bathe the baby? Soaps can be very harsh and can damage the skin, so may be a reason for the diaper rash. Use a mild cleansing bar. If you use disposable diapers, be sure to change them often, before they get soaked with urine. Or if you use cloth diapers, your detergent might be too harsh. Many mothers recommend Shaklee products which are vegetable based and chemical free. For more information on these products go to www.giftsfromnature.com.



answers from Philadelphia on

my son who is 5 months old now had diarrhea for 2 weeks straight. we even went so far as to have his stool tested. nothing. the doctors said he was fine and to continue with his normal diet. have you tried the "bratt" diet yet? it's bananas, rice, apples, tea, and toast. i've used this on my other kids when they had the problem and it usually works. i would't give pedialyte too long in place of his regular diet. he will need the calcium and protein from eating regularly. maybe 2 days at most of the pedialyte. good luck and keep an eye on the rash. if it looks like it's getting worse, try to let him air dry after clean-up and using lotrimin-af on it to maybe clear it up a little faster. hope that helps!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My nieces would get diarrhea when teething. It would last several days. If you notice that she is peeing less, I would place another call to the ped and let him know. If she is still making wet diapers she isn't dehydrated.

My son had a really bad case of diaper rash one time. A nurse recommended we use sterile water and guaze pads or cotton balls instead of baby wipes and pat him dry. Every paste and ointment we tried didn't work, however baby powder did. We applied it gently so there wouldn't be a "cloud" for him to inhale. We also washed his bottom every night with a gentle soap and water. We saw an improvement overnight and it was cleared up within a couple days. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

The other ladies mentioned the "BRAT" diet...bananas, rice, applesauce & toast....I still go back to it, even though my kids are older, along with crackers (saltines) & I tossed on some peanut butter (& jelly) for the protein if they could handle it. Pedialyte was expensive (haven't a clue what it costs now) so my docs suggested Gatorade with it watered down a bit. Lots of flavors to choose from & it's cheaper. Also, Koolaid, popsicles & jello for the sugar/glucose. I wouldn't fuss over trying to get the right foods in, instead, only HAVE those foods around so there's nothing else to choose from.

Diaper rash....air dry when possible, just let him/her run without a diaper. Wash cloths instead of wipes, like the other woman said based on the alcohol in the wipes. If the baby is still urinating & acting fine, I'd monitor & let it go.

We moms worry so much, don't we...? And the kids just keep on playing..! :-)



answers from Harrisburg on

My daughter was about the same agae when the eame thing happened... Our pediatrician tested her stool as well with no results or reasoning found for the diarrhea.
I think now it was 4 teeth at once which appeared later ;)

He recommended KidZyme, its a probiotic capsule you can disovle with water. It really seemed to help. I found it at Healthy Grocer in Mechanicsburg. It was like $20 I think but I have used it on and off since.

Good luck!

My blessings and best wishes to you and your little one!




answers from Philadelphia on

that's exactly what i would do- the pedialyte ( but i would add alittle water to it ) my son is 5 and he still does not get full strength of any juice-- from me any way .are you using triple paste? it's the best!!the baby wipes i used were the sensitive but i always rinsed most of the product additives off with warm water before usung them.
also the air drying work but when your done changing him use cool wet papertowels then air dry alittle before a lite splash of the corn starch if triple paste is too unconfortable.

it does sound like he is getting his eyeteeth they are the worst.



answers from Altoona on

When we moved up to Everett for Hagerstown. My daughter started having diarrhea. It lasted 2 weeks. Doctors can't tell me why. In Hagerstown we had city water now we have well water. So I thought maybe she had to get use to the well water. Then my son and I got diarrhea and later my husband. So my husband had the water tested in the well and it was bad. We had to get if fixed so until it was fixed we had to drink bottled water. Now we still have well water and drink it and we are fine. I'm not sure if you have well water or not but if you do I would have it tested and give your baby bottled water for awhile and see if that stops her diarrhea. It helped my daughter and family.



answers from Pittsburgh on

In order to reset his stomach you should avoid dairy products and only feed him rice, applesauce, bananas, and toast. If he is drinking okay and giving wet diapers then he is probably not dehydrated. Of course diarrhea doesn't count...

Good luck with the pedialyte. I could never get my girls to drink it no matter what I mixed it with to disguise the flavor.



answers from York on

The best thing I have found for bad diaper rash is corn starch. When my grandmother told me to use it on my now 8 year old I kinda laughed it off. But after 2 weeks of diaper rash so bad that she cried when she sat i decided what could it hurt. I have tried the butt paste and I just think that it doesn't help like other things. Also like someone else said air drying after bathing and changing. And no baby wipes this sounds hard to do but the wipes have alcohol in which irritate baby instead of healing. I always used just a few paper towels with a little baby wash on them clean my kids when they were in this situation. Hope this helps. Best of luck and God bless.

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