15 Month Old and Tylenol Cold/ Cough

Updated on April 27, 2010
L.K. asks from Dallas, TX
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My daughter is 15 months old (21 lbs) and has a cold, but alas her doctor ( and pharmacist) is of no value to me. She tells me there is nothing I can give her for her runny nose and cough that makes her cry every time she does cough. I know Tylenol makes a children's cough and cold, does anyone happen to know what the dose would be for a 15 month old? Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice mommas! I've been doing all of your advice already hopefully it will start to work.

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no, you can't give cold medicines for a long time. she's too young. keep using the snot sucker. prop up her mattress up, use a cool mist humidifier in her room, run a how shower in bathroom and stand wither (outside shower), that will relieve her some. your doctor is of value, he told you no OTC medicines for a young child.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

No OTC meds for a 15 month old!!! It's been shown that they don't help anyway. Lots of fluids, rest and prop up the head of the crib. Cool mist humidifier will help too!

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answers from Dallas on

does she have a cold or allergies? sometimes its hard to tell. Ours had allergies (we thoguht it was a cold). She is 16 m.o. and weights 25 lbs. Our doctor has us give her a 1/2 teaspoon of Zyrtec. But everyone differs, I woudl not take my advise or another mother's on here(regarding dosage), make sure it's a doctor. If you are unsatisfied with yoru doc's advise, get a second opinion. Try calling a nurse hotline, some insurance's have the phoen # on the card, and some cities have them too.

If her cough is hurting her, try a holding her in warm shower or take a humidifyer into the room she is in and spread vicks vapor rub in the tray in front of the nozzle (if it has a tray).

I hope she feels better soon!



answers from Peoria on

I would not use Tylenol for 15 month old. Too high a risk of hurting the liver. You are probably doing the extra fluids and humidifier (cool mist). There are supplements that can boost the immune system and most kids need this esp if they have been vaccinated. Also essential oils that you can rub on the bottom of their feet. Would love to share more specifics. My contact info is on my profile..don't think we are supposed to put links here.



answers from Casper on

Get some vick's or unkers and rub it on her chest. Some excellent advice here.

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