14 Year Old Girls Birthday Idea

Updated on January 14, 2011
M.T. asks from Carrollton, TX
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My daughter, who's turning 14, wants to do something "different" for her birthday this year, in lieu of a small bday party. She mentioned maybe a "museum or something". I'm thinking she'd be bored to tears with a museum but is wanting to do something that will make her feel more mature/grown up in celebration of her 14th birthday. Any ideas out there? It can't be too expensive, I'm on a budget!

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answers from Dallas on

JFK Museum in downtown Dallas is not boring! You can do the tour of Dealy Plaza too. There is also a Holocost Museum. When my girl was 14 those macabre things worked perfectly with her teen angst! Then go to a downtown restaraunt for lunch or dinner. Maybe Dicks or something posh in one of the downtown hotels. Have yall toured the New Cowboy Stadium yet? That's really cool if she likes football at all.

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answers from Chattanooga on

What about letting her choose one friend and then take them to get their nails and toes painted and out to lunch or dinner? My daughter would love that! Price mani/pedi's vs. just painting them (around $10 near us) and go with what fits your budget...

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answers from Philadelphia on

1. take a bunch of her friends to get pedicures
2. have a sleep over and order pizza
3. do you have any theaters close by? if its too expensive take them to a live proformance
4. call some local beauty schools or hair salon and see if they do girl parties. maybe they have a package?
5. go to a local soup kitchen and help for the day..that is a wonderful gift helping someone else.

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answers from Dallas on

My mom had the same problem when I was around the same age so she came up with the idea to rent 2 rooms at a local hotel.. like the double tree she told me i could invite like 4-5 girls to spend the night with me she bought microwavable food like little hamburgers, hot pockets for us to eat and bought a cake. We watched movies, played, went swimming in the indoor heated pool.. She stayed in the room next to ours with my sister and my sisters best friend. It was one of the best parties I had. We did that 2 years in a row. I hope this helps!



answers from Washington DC on

Have a Mary Kay girl come and give facials/makeovers
A museum with hands on things to do, maybe the science museum
Pedicures/Manicures then a dinner
We have a place called Pots and Pallets that teaches the kids to make plaster molds and they can paint one then get it fired, they give tours of the kiln area too.
Indoor rock-climbing/ziplines
Pool parties

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