14 Year Old Boy Gift Ideas

Updated on November 30, 2008
T.L. asks from Keller, TX
10 answers

My son is now 14 and no longer into "toys". If you have a teen boy, what types of things does he like?

Thanks in advance,


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answers from Dallas on

mine is getting a drum set....Lord help me!

Gify cards are always great at this age, I get mine ones for fast food, Starbucks and mall certificates they can use at any store...or a Visa one. He is starting to be into clothes so he gift cards let him shop with friends because I am so utterly un cool.....:o)hee hee

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answers from Lubbock on

I have 3 boys ages 15,15 and 16. Not sure what price range you are looking in so I'll give you several different ideas. Mine already love cologne. Also, if he likes any of the hollister or american eagle stores etc, they have guys' necklaces and bracelets that are popular for $10 to $12 and also their own colognes and of course their clothes. If he likes video games, mine always get the "Madden 09" for example (football and other sports) for the upcoming year. Big hits! Watches, wallets. The handheld PSP games are supposed to be really cool! Couldn't believe DVD's were as low as #3.98 this year. I have always filled their stockings with a new tooth brush, breath mints, travel size body sprays, colognes, floss, tooth paste, shaving cream and a razor, etc. Amazing how they love that stuff!

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answers from Dallas on

If they have an ipod you could get him an itune gift card


answers from Dallas on

I have a soon to be 14 yr old daughter and a 13 and 14 yr old nephews.

They LOVE gift cards, Best Buy is a favorite because they get games for the gaming systems they own, both love sports so anything sports related, especially a favorite team.

Does your son enjoy the gaming systems? We bought a wii when they first came out and our entire family enjoys it. We play the sports packages, guitar hero, mario cart.

First preference (even for daughter) is $$$$ or gift cards


answers from Dallas on

Guitar, band posters, music magazines, music, mp4's, gift cards, "put together" kits, remote control flying stuff, Wii games, yadda, yadda, yadda.

That is what my 12 year old wants anyway!



answers from Dallas on

Mine is 13 and to be totally honest, he would be happiest getting money, then he can go and get what he likes but he likes to draw so I usually get him at least one art book. Outside of that, CDs, video games, videos, clothing, cologne, skateboards and other sporting equipment. My best friend's son likes to eat so I give him gift certificates to the fast food places near the high school. My boys like hats so a ball cap is always a good extra little gift for them.



answers from Dallas on

His grandparents give him money, but one time they put it in a money maze cube. he had to solve the maze in order to open it and get the money.
And yes money is great but, it isn't very fun opening just "money" on Christmas.
My ds, and dh for that matter, love anything electronic, gadgets and gizmos.
gross or weird too as well, a bathroom reader for a stocking stuffer perhaps? Any interesting or "how things work" book
A sign (stop, do not enter, or a personalized street from online) or favorite personalized sports team stadium picture to hang in his room.
a model to put together
is he into collecting anything?
video games
that too expensive pair of new shoes that someone would have to be crazy to buy *chuckle*
I hated and my ds also hates to get clothes, but if you do give something, maybe pad the pockets with some cash or candy.
My ds is actually getting a robe this year. He has been wanting one.
same for a new wallet, have to give one of these with cash
tickets to a game
cool new shades or a watch
cologne (with instructions on how much to apply so you won't make your date pass out) ;o)

Thanks Gina for the stocking ideas! :o)


answers from Dallas on

I think at all ages for boys they are into video games; and remote control things; however, if you don't think he's the type, then I would consider a nice watch, shoes, take him shopping and get some ideas on clothes too. Maybe concert tickets for him and a buddy... or movie tickets.
Good Luck,



answers from Dallas on

Money is always good but sometimes impersonal. What about a gift card for iTunes? Does he have an iPod or MP3 player? He is probably still into video games.



answers from Wichita Falls on

Gift cards to his favorite places.

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