14 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling/seeing the Baby Move?

Updated on June 15, 2011
M.M. asks from Lake Charles, LA
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So I'm 14 weeks pregnant with #2 (YAY!) and I started feeling quickening at like 11-12 weeks, my doctor told me since i was thin he wouldn't tell me i was wrong (the baby was cutting flips during the ultrasound) so now I'm at 14 weeks and I'm feeling a lot more, I swear i can feel the baby rolling around so this morning i sat down and my whole stomach fluttered right where i know the baby is at (right below my belly button) everything I'm reading online says its WAY too soon to be seeing movement on the surface of my stomach and I'm just curious (since I know i'm not crazy now) has anyone else felt and seen movement this soon?? The dr. told me quickening doesn't usually start until like 18-19 weeks... 5 weeks early on movement is a big difference in what everything says.. much less feeling big movements like kicks and turns.. please tell me someone else has had this happen I know it can't mean anything bad but some reassurance will let me enjoy all this instead of worrying!

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So What Happened?

a little early for the what happened but definitely no twins, i get weekly ultrasounds and the baby's size is completely normal for 14 weeks :)

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FYI, you don't feel twins any sooner, as some have suggested. Earlier fetal movement is not a sign of multiples. I didn't feel my twins move until around 20 weeks or so, but with this baby I felt her at around 16 weeks.

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EDD are just estimates... the due date may be off, which means your gestational week is off. You COULD be 2-3 weeks later along in the pregnancy. Also - you know what it feels like already, so when you know, it is earlier when you can tell.

In Nursing school I was told 14-18 weeks is when you can start to feel fetal movement. I know with #2, I felt it about 14 weeks also.

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I hate to say the word but have you thought about Twins? You had an ultra sound but sometimes one twin will 'hide' and you don't see them. The only other reasons I can thank of is that the baby is bigger than normal or you are further along than you thought.

Congrats :-)

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I started feeling my second move at 14 weeks. I am now 19 weeks and she moves like crazy. My husband has been able to feel her moving for the last 2-3 weeks. I have not looked to see if you can see it though. You are not crazy! My dr looked at me a little odd when I told him I was feeling this (at 15 weeks) but I guess I am extra sensitive bc I also have horrible ligament pains and am feeling some braxton hicks. He said it does happen but most women do not feel the things I am feeling so soon. Oh, also I am thin so I think that makes a big difference.



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I believe you. I felt and saw movement early with my second and third kids. It's true that if you have very little belly fat, movement can be felt and seen earlier. It's a good sign that you have an active baby. Active is one of many signs of health in a fetus. Enjoy these wonderful moments bonding with your baby.


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I just checked my journal to make sure I wasn't remembering incorrectly...I have it recorded that I started feeling my 2nd around 14 or 15 weeks.
Not like what you have reported, but I was feeling him.

He was very strong in the womb. :)


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you could be feeling your organs shifting around making room for the baby...after my miscarriage i still felt those "movements" for a while...i think yor body is making room and gas bubbles...make it feel that way...plus u'r probably starting to feel him/her



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I didn't feel my 3 yr old until I was about 22 weeks or so. But with my first pregnancy, I could swear I felt my son (he sat down low) at about 8 weeks. One doc told me no way but then the next time I went for an ultrasound (infertility so lots of them) the doc said totally possible since there were 3 of them. Now I am 18 weeks and don;t think I feel something but it could be and I just don't realize it. The nurse told me that you feel it sooner if the placenta is in the back so I guess it will come soon.



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I've heard that with the 2nd baby you feel it sooner, maybe because you are more aware of what it feels like. Also, since you are thin, there is less to get in the way, so seeing the movement on your stomach already wouldn't be out of the question. Congrats!



answers from Raleigh on

I am thin too. I felt both my babies at about 12 weeks. I can recall where I was when I felt it, too. Memorable moments for sure!



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I didn't feel my first until about 18-19 weeks, but my second I felt at 15 weeks. When you have been pregnant before you know what it feels like, so it is easier to identify as baby rather than gas :)


answers from Provo on

Well you are skinny so you just might be a lucky one. I wouldn't worry at all. It's just movement which is good!!!
Don't worry name twin, your doctor isn't worried, so I wouldn't be :D

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