14 Month Old Still Hasn't Said Mama or Dada

Updated on July 23, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My 14 month old babbles and says mama and dada but not to me or my husband. They just seem like nonsense words to him. Should I be concerned?

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mamas! My son makes great eye contact, interacts well, points and signs a couple of words but I was still worried b/c I thought 14 months was too late to not say a word. After reading your responses though, I see that I have nothing to worry about. Thanks again so much. You all made me a feel a lot better :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would certainly not be concerned. My son is 21 months old and has just started to take off verbally. He still does not say Mama, which is disappointing but he says Daddy. I have started teaching my son some sign language which has really helped him to start learning words. Every child learns at their own rate.

Take care

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answers from Las Vegas on

The only time I am really concerned when a 14-month old is not yet talking is when they:

* are not making eye contact
* they are not interacting with anyone -- mom, dad or their peers
* are not show prelinguistic skills like pointing or holding up objects to share what they have discovered with others
* when you try to give them a high-5, they cower away or don't raise their hand in response to the greeting

All children develop language at their own rate. It is not uncommon for 14-month olds to not be talking quite yet but, if they are showing signs of any of the red flags listed above, I would definitely address this issue right away with your pediatrician and contact your State Early Intevention Department ASAP. I would also highly recommend, if you have private insurance available, getting a referral to have your chid evaluated by a developmental pediatrician and a speech therapist right away.

Even if your child is making eye contact and his social and prelinguistic skills seem to be pretty good, if you suspect that he may have a language delay, then there is absolutely no harm having your child evaluated by a speech therapist. Some children do have oral motor planning issues or apraxia that interfere with their ability with learning to speak. Speech therapy really does help them to overcome these issues.

Wishing all the best for you and your child.

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answers from New York on

I've written beforethat I didnt speak a word till I was 22 months old. My mom had novena's said and priests visit. I think she regrets her prayers as I have never shut up and talk a mile a minute. No worries.

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answers from Cincinnati on

My 17-month-old son has not called me Mama (although, like your son, he says mama - just not to me!) He babbles but has no words. At my son's 15-month check-up, the pediatrician was not concerned. She said we would revisit the issue at his 18-month check-up but that she usually didn't worry until kids were closer to two years old. So no, you shouldn't be worried just yet.

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answers from Eugene on

My son was over 18 months before he said "mama" to me--I remember because I asked his ped. about it and she said, "they always hurt the ones they love the most." He pretty much only said "bus" and "dada" till he was almost 2--and now at almost 3 he NEVER, EVER quits talking!



answers from Pittsburgh on

It took my daughter until she was I think 18 months, or maybe even older to actually call me mama. She said mama and dada and other babbling and knew that I was mama, she just didn't call me that. She didn't call me anything. We were concerned about her speech and now she is 28 months and we worried for nothing! She talks in sentences and strings them together in paragraphs and all I hear all day is "Mommy, Mommy!" Don't worry he'll be fine.


answers from Harrisburg on

My daughter is 14 months as well and also only babbles. I thought she was calling me "mem mem" but it turns out that is what she calls our dog (whose name is Emily)!!!!!! You're not alone and at least your child didn't attempt to say your dog's name before your own! :)


answers from Los Angeles on

My 17 month old is the same way. The Ped told me not to worry till she is over 2. She goes around the house calling everything a-da-da. She used to say mum-mum but stopped it a long time ago. LOL, a-da-da is her favorite word. =)

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