14 Month Old Jealous of Affection Between Daddy and Mommy? Normal?

Updated on December 06, 2010
K.D. asks from Lancaster, PA
10 answers

My 14 month old recently started getting extremely agitated when mommy and daddy hug or hold hands, etc. She tries to pull us apart, and cries. She just wants me, and she does not want to be included in the snuggle... Hmmm...

Any suggestions or tips? Is this normal?

Her daddy and I are not going to stop being affectionate towards eachother, but just wondering if this is common...

Thanks! :)

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter is 31 months and still does htis. She will choose one fo us and tell the other one to leave alone. If we hold hands in the car, she will say "Daddy leve my mommy hand alone". If we hug in the house, she will try to get between or pull one of us away. I don't remember my older ones doing this but she definitely does.

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answers from Austin on

YES! Very normal. They cannot imagine you can love anyone but her! Our daughter would try to pull us apart. Or she would shout no!

I would hug and kiss her, then my husband would say, "my turn!" and hug and kiss her, then I would say, "my turn!" then we would all switch around hand hug the other..

We would all 3 hug and kiss to make her feel better. We called it "group hug and kisses!" Now that she is 20, we still surprise her and "Group hug and kiss" whether she wants it or not.. It freaks her out.. She says "Getofofme!" We of course hug tighter.Hee, hee.

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answers from Norfolk on

It's a little early, but it's completely normal. When my son was 3 yrs, he pushed himself between me and Daddy, pushed Daddy away and said "My Mommy! Get your own Mommy!". It took awhile to get over it, but he and Daddy became best buddies - looking at fire trucks together, carrying tools for Daddy, helping fix/build things (his tricycle and wagon, etc).
Don't stop being affectionate, but let Daddy and daughter have some alone time together to bond. She'll probably go back and forth between who her favorite parent is and that's normal, too.

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answers from Modesto on

It's totally normal and she's showing that she is learning about trying to "control" things by telling you she wants ALL of your affection and you arent supposed to share it with anyone else. It's a cute phase that doesnt last very long... just laff and both of you hug her and tell you love her. Enjoy.

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answers from Redding on

This is completely normal. She will outgrow it.
Little kids this age are very selfish creatures. It's not a deliberate thing, it's just that they pretty much see themselves as the center of the universe as well as the center of attention and affection. Your daughter sees you as "hers".
In due time, she will likely go through a phase where she prefers daddy. It's all part of getting things in her world figured out.
Definitely continue to show affection for your husband. She will learn that you have enough love for both of them.

Best wishes.

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answers from St. Louis on

HaHa! Both my kids have done that. My husband would tease them and say "My Mommy!!"
They kinda thought that was funny, but they didnt want to share mommy either. Its probably normal. We dont stop being affectionate either. They got over it.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son is 15 months and does the same thing! I started picking him up and we all hug together. We kind of make a game out of it and say- "Family hug." The first time he tried pushing his Daddy away... I put him down for a minute (he cried). I picked him up again and we tried again- "Hug! Family hug!" He pushed the first few times, but then he learned not to by me putting him down. Now he smiles when we play family hug. I always say- "We're a family" since he always wants Mom. :o)



answers from Spokane on

My girls both did this too.....they're pretty possessive of their mama at this age, eh? :) We would just include her in the hug or give her an extra cuddle. They grow out of it. And no, don't stop being affectionate....it's good for her to see that mommy and daddy love each other!


answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter was jealous like that when she was about 7 months old.. my ex husband would laugh and say my mommy... it was cute and she thought it was funny. I think it's just them not wanting to share attention. I'm not sure if that was like that with my daughter or if she was scared he was going to hit me again but I can't be sure because she was only 3 weeks old when he beat me up and I left him until he got help then left him permanently for different reasons. Anyways, everyone I know who has a child goes through this.



answers from Tulsa on

My daughter did this too.

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