14 Mo Old Had Stomach Flu, How Do We Get over This?

Updated on April 11, 2008
T.H. asks from Bothell, WA
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Hello - I have a 14 mo old little boy that was sick last Friday with the stomach flu. He has not thrown up since then, but is just not seeming to get over it very well. Has not really eaten anything since, have tried the bland foods. He will drink the pedialyte stuff and milk again. So over the weekend when he was first sick,I held him a lot for comfort..why wouldn't you right? He needs love and comfort, but now, he will not do anything! Wont play, cries if I try to put him down, the daycare told me not to bring him today (we talked to them again and they said we could give it a try again today) I think because they dont want to deal with him. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and there is nothing they can do for him, just hope he starts turning the corner soon.
I guess I am wondering if I should stop holding him so much? So that he has to walk around, etc?? Should I just not worry about it? I am worried that it will become a habit and will want to be held all the time and we will struggle for awhile getting him back to his old self again...any thoughts??? HELP!

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Sounds like he is still feeling crummy. Hold him mom, he might need more time to get feeling better.

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As hard as it may be, I don't think he's quite over it yet. have you heard of the BRAT diet? Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast. It's what I give my kids when they're not feeling well. If he wants to be held, he still isn't feeling 100% and needs his momma for comfort and to "make it all better". Both of my kids are that way (4 1/2 and 1 year). If they don't feel good/are scared/unsure/just need to know everything is okay in the world I have a cling-on. They will cling like you wouldn't believe. Especially my 1 year old. She will turn into the "Sharpie Baby" and scream every time I try to put her down.

Anyway, I digress into rambling.

Hope this helps,



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Last time I had the flu, I was sick for 2 weeks. He may still not feel good. Even if he was getting attached and expecting you to carry him he would want to play and fiddle with you. You will notice energy improvement when he feels better!



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It's probably tough for you because you are needing him to go back to daycare so you can get back to work. I can imagine the pressure is there, and that's got to be difficult for you... It sounds like for sure your son still is not feeling himself, though, and you'll have to give him some more time. I've never known my kids to become spoiled by holding when they are sick. And I'm a "cio" to sleep (in their own beds), non-babywearing mama. I literally hold my kids for hours if that's what they want, on the couch or in the rocking chair, when they're not feeling well.

My kids both had the stomach flu about a month or so ago, and it took a good week to 10 days after the bout of vomiting (which lasted less than 12 hours) to get back to their normal eating and energy level. I held and cuddled them a lot, stayed home and watched lots of on-demand kids tv and read stories, let them eat whatever sounded good to them (applesauce, plain toast or bready things, plain pasta, plenty of fluids, popsicles, etc) and just gave it time. It seemed like it did take quite a few days, but eventually they started to feel better, started eating more, and DID NOT want to be held close anymore. At 14 months old I'd imagine if your son was feeling good he would want to be down, on the move, doing his thing, playing and having fun. At least that's how my kids are and have always been (they're 3 and 1 1/2 now). As soon as they got their energy back they'd push away from me, and just want to play. So I just have never seen that excessive holding when sick is any concern at all in terms of forming habits. In fact I treasure the cuddles, even though I'm sad they don't feel well, because it's so rare these days! Poor babies when they're tummies aren't well (or who knows what else, possibly a sore throat, headache, body aches, they can't tell us!) just need all the closeness and comfort you can give them.

I'm sorry you're going through this, though! I am a SAHM so I didn't have to worry about getting back to work, so my heart goes out to you with that. Hopefully your little guy is back to his old self very soon.



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i run a child care and if a child is unable to do 'normal' daycare activities... wants to sleep all day and/or is just plain miserable i send them home.

personally i would make him walk around and not hold him so much. he will cry but that is only because every time he does cry you do pick him up. in his mind it works.



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Hi T.,
I read your request and it reminded me of my own situation just about 2 wks ago.
My son ended up getting the stomach flu on March 18. The reason I remember this so well is because we were supposed to be taking an airplane to visit my parents the next morn. Needless to say, we didn't go! Anyways, I spent the next 3 days trying to get him to sleep, eat and drink normally. He threw up for 2 1/2 days until we finally ended up at Children's Hospital for dehydration. I slept on the floor in his room and he would spend the days laying with me in bed. It was hard!!
I thought about all the same things you're thinking. I didn't want him to get used to being in my bed or waking up to me being on the floor in his room. (I couldn't get him to sleep the night in my bed. He would cry to be in his crib.)
It took almost 2 full weeks to get back to normal. I held him and carried him around this whole 2 weeks getting tired of all the whining and crying every time I set him down.
He is completely back to normal now. He is eating like crazy and is fine when I drop him off at my girlfriend's house when I go to work.
Try not to worry so much about creating bad habits that will be difficult to break later. I know the feeling, but it will all seem like forever ago real soon!

P.S. I have talked with many people whose kids have had this recently. It is going around ALOT and it is taking kids 10 days - 2 wks to kick it. Also, my son got himself a nasty cold about 2-3 days after we thought he was all better. Beware and lay low for awhile!



answers from Medford on

Make a 'broth' with kuzu, salt plum and ginger.
You may be able to find it locally in your health food store or health food section of your grocery store or at an asian market. Here are links to the pictures so you know what to look for. I don't know this site, just looking for pictures.

I have ordered from iherb before.


Put about a tablespoon of kuzu root powder in pan. Add just enough water to dissolve it all, add about 6 more oz of water, pickled plum and fresh grated ginger or powdered ginger. Stir constantly until thick, boils and turns clear. You can add a few drops of soy sauce for taste. Let cool until baby can eat it. This is good for the stomache and the lungs. Oh yea, mash up the plum into the cooking kuzu. Enjoy!

And hold your baby if he needs you. I did alot of holding when my son was that age. He had allergy induced asthma and did alot of coughing and labored breathing. When I look back now, I am glad I held him when he needed me. My heart would be crushed to look back and wish I would have held him more. You will do the right thing.



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I would encourage you to just let him have time to get back to his old self again. It probably took alot out of him to be sick, and he needs a while to get back his appetite, and energy. Keep holding him and keep offering food. When he's ready he'll step out. He knows Mama is the best thing right now, and that is why we are parents. To be there when our kids need them and provide a safe, secure environment where they can weather lifes ups and downs.

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