13 YO Needs VCUG - Tell Me Your Experiences, Please

Updated on July 15, 2010
M.M. asks from Allen, TX
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Anyone have experience with a teen and VCUG? SHe had UTI at 5 then has had them recur. We had hoped who would outgrow it, but the doctor now wants a renal ultrasound and VCUG to determine if she has kidney reflux. We do a lot of organic and avoid chemicals where possible. I am concerned about 1) the amount of radiation, 2) the dye used and 3) how they repair kidney reflux.

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answers from Tyler on

When my daughter was 16, she was having recurring UTI problems, so the urologist ordered the tests. We didn't know she was allergic to iodine--which is what they use. She went into anaphylatic shock and nearly died. A simple allergy test, nothing more than a tiny amount under the skin, would have prevented this. Oh, and by the way, once she stopped drinking carbonated drinks, her UTI problems disappeared.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi MM - I would recommend giving Dr. Chalmers a call to see if he has a natural remedy to this condition. He has helped so many people with different issues that may have resulted in other medical procedures that were not necessary. He is close to you in Frisco...you can look at his website at www.chalmerswellness.com or can call him at ###-###-####.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

The renal ultrasound is nothing - basically a sonogram ( my son has had many of those). The VCUG is different. The other mom is correct - the dye will come out when she urinates. BUT - this is a painful test. They will put a catheter in and fill her up VERY FULL with the liquid. Having your bladder filled that full is what makes is so painful. They then take the pictures and then take pictures during and after they release the catheter so the liquid comes out. Not fun. Not trying to scare you or upset you but just be prepared. But this is also the best way to find out kidney reflux and how severe it is. And there are several options for repair depending on how bad it is. Right now - get the tests done, see if she has it and how severe, then do your research on options for repair. You and she can do this !



answers from Jacksonville on

From an earlier post, your child's scoliosis (if tihs is the same one) might be causing the inbalance in her kidneys. By her being 13, the xray may not be so bad, but I would check with your doctor for alternative to the dye used. All else fails, have her drink cranberry juice and lots of water to flush her kidneys.


answers from Janesville-Beloit on

The amount of radiation really is minimal. The 'dye' used (it really is a contrast media. It looks like water) will some out as soon as she urinates. As for how to repair the reflux, it all depends on the 'level' of reflux. It is graded on a scale from 1 to 5. My daughter had what was considered 5+ and she required an open surgery. I was scared to death, but had an awesome doctor that was great with terrified parents. She came through the surgery with flying colors and we haven't had an issue since. If it is a lower grade there are other less invasive things they can do. If you need any other information, please feel free to email me,



answers from Sherman on

Both of my daughters have had these tests recently and neither of them complained of discomfort or pain after. They also did not have any issues with the dye...as they empty their bladders during the test. You can request that your daughter me sedated with a mild sleeping gas before the procedure as to ease the discomfort. I have 1 child with reflux that is on a daily low dose antibiotic to keep the infections under wraps. We are doing the meds for a year to see if she will outgrow the reflux on her own, but if not they go in and surgically repair the area. The surgery is pretty noninvasive. The Dr can do a lapriscopic procedure to change the shape of the uriters (sp?) and other urinary areas to make the urine flow in the correct direction. I see that you are in Allen, TX. Look up Dr David Ewalt...he is a ped urologist with offices in Dallas and Plano and he is FABULOUS!!!

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