13 Year Old Sleepover Birthday Ideas

Updated on January 26, 2010
J.M. asks from Pleasant Valley, NY
4 answers

I have read alot of ideas for sleepover Birthday Partys for 13 year old girls. I was just wondering if there were anymore idea out there. I read one good idea about having glowsticks. HELP

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answers from Boston on

Karaoke? If you don't have one, you could borrow or rent one. Videotape the girls' performances.

Manicures/or Pedicures? Give to each other, take a trip to the local salon or you and another mom give them to the girls.

"Make-overs" Curling & Straightening Irons, lots of make-up. Then take snapshots or 'modeling' photos.

Let them make pizza--buy dough from local pizza shop or make individual bobolis. Maybe even a fruit or dessert pizza.

Hire a dance (or Zumba!) teacher to teach the latest dance moves.

Girl's Life and other magazines or books have little quizzes that the girls like to do. (Would you rather eat slimy inchworms or slug?, What type of Animal Are You Most Like?...you get the idea). Have the quizzes prepared in advance.

Hope these help.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For my neices 13 year old birthday my sister had 14 girls over, with sleeping bags and they all slept in the living room. She has a large fondue set so she bought lots of dipping stuff (fruits, graham crackers, etc.) and the girls went went nuts over it, literally =-) The girls did manicures/pedicures, and she also bought America Girl Doll books that had quizzes, puzzles and stuff. She also went to Michael's and bought them all t-shirts and fabric paints and they had loads of fun creating their own t-shirt. It also gave them something to take home the next day. She did it all in "centers" per se. While 7 girls did fondue, the other 7 did manis/pedi and so on. The part I liked the most was she bought one disposable camera for each girl and they got to take whatever pictures they wanted (within reason!). My sister collected the cameras and printed the pictures. The pictures were priceless.

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answers from Indianapolis on

You're a brave woman! You don't say how many girls, but if you have any type of video games, this usually keeps them happy for a bit, then of course, board games, but mostly, girls like to talk! So, any game that has them talking! I loved to play the game Life when I was a little older than that.....it's a fun game, I married all my favorite actors and singers. There is also Twister. That is a fun game for girls as well. Good Luck!

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answers from Buffalo on

How about Tie dying? We did pillow cases for a party and it was a huge hit! It was something they got to take home to remind them of the night. Also, it was pretty cheap to but the pillow cases. Just remember to get tons of rubber bands! The fondue idea is great! You can always melt the choc in a crock pot or the microwave if you don't have a fondue pot. Movies are usually good for later when you want them to wind down, and for when they don't sleep! Have fun!

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