13 Month Old Will NOT Drink Milk from a sippy....only a Bottle!

Updated on September 22, 2010
C.S. asks from Channahon, IL
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I nursed exclusively to 10 months and then supplemented with formula until a year. At a year, I put whole milk in the bottle. He still gets 2-3 6 ounce bottles a day of whole milk. I've given sippys and straw cups with water (and sometimes maybe a splash of juice) since he was 10 months old also. He seems to love the water and the water/juice mixture. EVERY time I put milk in a sippy or straw cup, its one drink and he won't touch it again. I've tried 2% and even skim just to see.....I want the bottles gone, but I want him to drink milk. Any suggestions? I hate to add sugar to the milk (chocolate, strawberry, etc.). He gets more than enough in the amount of fruit he eats!! Does he really need the milk? He eats tons of cheese and yogurt? Thanks for any suggestions!

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answers from Honolulu on

They don't like drinking milk from a 'cup' because, milk comes from a 'nipple.' It is instinct.

Just try again later.

My son was like that.
They grow out of it.
My son would however drink other liquids out of other cups or straw cups.

You NEED to give, WHOLE milk. Because, the 'milk fats' in it is an important and crucial 'nutrient' for brain development, and for growth. And whole milk is recommended until 2 years old.

There is no need, to take away the bottles. Yet.

Do NOT add sugar to it or any sweeteners. Otherwise, that will be a LONG bad habit.

all the best,

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answers from Dallas on

I found out after my son became lactose intolerant that cow milk is NOT necessary in a child's diet. Cow milk is for calf's and not human children. It's just been branded in our brains that we must give milk to our children. Also most milk contains hormones that can really be bad for a young developing child. Unless it's labeled hormone free it's not clean of it. If you are interested you can Google it and find out more about it. Yes calcium is needed but it's usually met by other dairy foods and veggies. But if you are really concerned you can give a calcium chew supplement or a tums per day and not worry. If he likes water, that is awesome and watered down 100% juice is great as well.
Best Regards,

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answers from Kansas City on

So, what's the big deal with the bottle?! There is really not much difference between a sippy cup and a bottle...too many moms freak out about bottles. Your son will give up the bottle when HE is ready to, not when you are ready for him to. If you relax a little bit about this, it will be SO much easier on you and him.

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answers from New York on

My kids drank milk in a bottle until around age 2, long after taking every other beverage in a sippy or straw cup. I decided I would rather not fight that battle at that time. I had planned to nurse more than a year (but had other complications) so why not a bottle?)

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answers from Fresno on

With the perspective of not having had a baby for a long time (my youngest is now 5)... just let him have the bottle. My older daughter loved her bottle, too. She finally got tired of it when she was about 2 years old. Since she only had milk twice a day, we just let her have her bottle. It's not a big deal! Nobody ever went off to college drinking milk from a bottle, right? =) It's a small comfort for him, and won't hurt anything long-term.

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answers from Chicago on

No he does not need milk. My daughter was the same way (now a healthy 3 year old). Our ped. told me that as long as she is getting enough calcium and other dairy foods, she does not need to drink milk. We give her 4 oz. of calcium fortified orange juice in the morning and then she has other calcium (at least one dairy) sources throughout the day. She has always been above average on the growth charts and has been healthy.



answers from Columbus on

My daughter is the same way...she just hands it back. I do make sure her pacifier is given before nap and bed, that way she doesn't keep a mouthful of milk in her mouth that freaks out the docs. Besides, my daughter LOVES to brush her teeth. She would brush the enamel off if I would let her. I have tried different sippies, to no avail. Less stress all around if I just give her a bottle before nap and one before bed. She is happier too. :-)



answers from Harrisburg on

The important thing is that he has learned to drink from a sippy cup. He is just not drinking MILK from it. If he was just on a bottle and didn't transition to cup, I would be concerned. Otherwise give him the milk how he prefers it. He is already getting calcium from cheese and yogurt, so that's good.



answers from Harrisburg on

Yes he needs milk! If you want him to stop using a bottle, get rid of them! Do not offer anything to drink except milk. He cannot have anything else to drink until he gets his daily intake of milk.

Since he's 10 months old, he really should be drinking formula until a year old. That's 2 months more of nutrients he can be getting, including high iron. Parents Choice is an excellent formula and affordable.

Do not add sugars. Do not give chocolate milk as it's not as healthy and is a lazy way to get kids to drink milk. If they're thirsty, they'll drink it after they see that's their ONLY choice.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Dallas on

I'm with you! My 17 month old is just transitioning to a sippy and will just throw it across the room LOL. He's been without much milk at all for about a week. My doctor today said it might take 2 or 3 weeks to get him to drink milk. But....my first son NEVER took to drinking milk from a sippy (I started him around 13 months) and he still doesn't drink much of it at 3 years old.

I'm debating what to do myself so hopefully you get some good answers!




answers from Phoenix on

I don't do milk with any of my kids. I also don't do bottles. They all adjusted fine. Good luck

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