13 Month Old Stomach Flu Question

Updated on March 06, 2008
C.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
4 answers

Poor baby got the stomach flu last week for the 1st time and gave it to us. She was doing good with liquids and slowly moved to solids. She hadn't puked for 2 days so I gave her milk and she puked again. So...when can I start giving her milk again? (she's on Soy formula)

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answers from Dallas on

Since she is 13 months, I would call the pediatrician to be sure.



answers from San Diego on

Hi C.,

My daughter recently had a bad bout of the stomach flu (although she's 2.5 yrs old) and we waited about a week before giving her milk again. We wanted to wait until she was eating normally and we knew her stomach was settled again. Our Pedi told us that if she ABSOLUTELY cried for milk then we could give her soy milk. We gave it to her twice and it didn't make her throw-up any more but it made her diahrrea worse so we stopped letting her drink it.

Continue giving her Pedialyte or a drink similar until you know her stomach is settled.

Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

Begin with clear liquids - pedialyte, popsicles, ginger ale, apple juice, jello, etc. then advance as tolerated to the BRAT diet - Bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. As that goes well, move on to chicken, etc. Milk and dairies are usually recommended last after everything else is tolerated. I would keep counts of wet diapers to be sure she is getting enough fluids and is not dehydrated. Signs include sunken soft spot on top of head, decreased urine output, and dry mouth. If these are present - definitely go to the pediatrician.

Is it at all possible that she has a milk allergy?



answers from Abilene on

Milk and any kind of dairy will aggrevate stomach conditions massively. Call your pediatrician. They will know what to do. I was like that for a week about two months ago.

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