12 Week Old Fussy Baby

Updated on September 01, 2009
M.H. asks from Jenison, MI
6 answers

My daughter will be 12 weeks on Thursday. She has been a fussy baby since birth - mainly fussy from 6-10 every night. There were nights were she just cried and cried, she seemed to be getting a little better but not much. I orignally had her on regular Similac and switched her to soy around 8 weeks. It helped for a few days and then she was back to her old self. We try everything to make her happy and nothing works.

She seems to wake at every little sound. I sometimes wonder if she has a stomach ache but wouldn't she be fussy after each bottle? She hasn't been a great sleeper from the get go and only takes a long nap in the swing. She wakes up after 20 minutes in her crib...I thought she would start to turn a corner this week, right? Looking for any advice on how to get through the next few weeks.

I have another daughter who is 4 and she gets so frustrated b/c her sister just cries and cries.

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answers from Detroit on

Wow- sounds like my daughter (almost 2 now). This stopped at about 16 weeks....hopefully it will for you too!



answers from Lansing on

hey M.
it sounds like collic to me have you tryed any gas drop or swadeling her that all ican come up with



answers from Detroit on

My little guy will be 6 weeks Thursday, and has been fussy and spits up all the time the last 3 weeks, especially at night too. Mylicon drops at each feeding have helped. The Gripe Water helps sometimes for us - I usually do that during the day. It's harder to give him though since the dosage is more than Mylicon. You can buy it at any drugstore or Target as well - check out the isle where the adult Gas-X is sold. We are switching him to the Enfamil Gentlease formula, but he wouldn't take it straight so we are blending it right now. I have a little mixer that we use, but then let the bottle set without the cap on for a minute. Not sure if it really helps, but it makes me feel better! I'm still breastfeeding too, and I've noticed that when he is laying in the football position feeding he passes gas a lot. I tried giving him his morning bottle in this position and it worked! So you may want to try different positions to help her pass gas in addition to burping frequently. I feel for you and hope you get some sleep soon!



answers from Benton Harbor on

As much as I am into 'good sleep habits', all bets are off if your baby has colic. If you get good naps out of her in the swing, use it! A rested baby will do a lot of good. You won't be forming any habits that you can't break when she is a little older. We are only talking a few weeks or so (hopefully). Mylicon drops are expensive, buy the generic at Walmart for a fraction of the price, and put a couple drops in every bottle. Never tried gripe water but I know ppl who have and like it.

Do whatever it takes to get through this period and THEN you can start to form good sleep habits with her.



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi M.,
Have you ever tried putting Karo syrup in her bottle. Just a TB or so. Also, after feeding lay her across your lap and pat her back. I've found that releases alot of gas. As far as formulas Nestle Good Start worked for me (orange can).Is there music on her swing? Try and find out what is soothing her in the swing that isn't in the crib. I wish you the best.




answers from Detroit on

I do not know what to recommend, but I sure want you to find the answer-what's her doctor say? Is it nutritional, behavioral or something else? All my kids were criers (except #5) so get sleep whenever you can.

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