12 Month Photo Collage ???

Updated on February 16, 2010
M.A. asks from San Francisco, CA
6 answers

Do you know where online I can find a template that has a square-space for a photo of when my baby was newborn,1 month, 2 month, etc leading up to 12 months? Always see them online, except for when I actually am looking for it! For reference, I mean something like the photo pictured here, except with the 'x month' for each frame - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DVSp_NXFW4c/ScZHa0wtCDI/AAAAAAA...


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answers from Portland on

I did one of these for each of my boys, and really liked them.


answers from Medford on

I am not sure about a ready-made template. but I do invitations/collages/announcements. If you are interested I could make a collage for you...my email is [email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

You can build your own template at www.scrapblog.com



answers from Seattle on

I'm not sure about with the months named but Costco has a collage page you can do for just a few cents. Shutterfly and kodakgallery has something similar as well.



answers from Albuquerque on

Do you want a digital collage or something physical? I just went to Target and found a really nice frame with a 4x6 cutout and 12 1x2 cut outs, i put her 1-year photo in the big one and birth through 11 months in the others. It was fun trying to find pictures where she was small enough to fit in the 1x2 space, but it came out really nice! The frame was ~$25 and the photos were 15cents at the Target photo center.


answers from Dallas on

i don't know for sure, but I have had a lot of luck with shutterfly. I know you can do 6 on a page. if the pages were side by side you would have your 12.

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