12 Month Old Fussy

Updated on May 24, 2007
W.W. asks from Pflugerville, TX
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My 12 month old has become increasingly fussy the last couple days and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. Up until this point she has been a happy little girl where she runs and plays with no problem. Recently she has been throwing more temper tantrums but once she realizes that she is not going to get her way she moves on. But, today it changed...Normally she'll run around the house playing with her toys happy but today she started crying immediately. I gave her a drink she threw it. I gave her her snack trap she took a couple snacks out then threw it. While we were at the grocery store she threw fits and everything that I gave her to appease her (stuff that would normally entertain her for a long time) she would look at it and throw it. I know the whole throwing stuff becomes a game, but she's never been one to cry and squirm to get out of the cart. Even in her stroller on our walk she started fussing and wanted out. So, after probably too much information, I was wondering if anyone else out there had problems with their 1 year olds? Is this common? Is it just a phase? I know a lot of you are going to say she's testing boundries, but it all just seems out of the blue. Any advice or experiences that you guys have had would be great.

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answers from Killeen on


My daughter is 13 months old and like your little one she is the most laid back child I have ever seen. Just like you said, entertained herself, stayed in the stroller etc.... She still does for the most part but here recently she has started throwing little tantrums when she does not get her way and she now wants to get out of the stroller. I think she is now able to understand that she can be more independent. She is developing a personality of her own. Instead of just dealing with what we give her to play with or ride in, she wants what she wants. More times than not my daughter just wants to crawl,try to walk or get to the unknown object on the other side of the room. She is still a great child but every day I see more of her own personality coming out. When I sit back and watch, it is amazing to see what she can do. I then realized she is getting older and is no longer the little baby that would lay on the floor and stare up at the moblie or be content with the few toys laying infront of her. Your little one is probably ready to see the world. Hope this helps, and enjoy....this is the best part!



answers from Wichita Falls on

Welcome to the toddler years. It gets better when they get good at communicating.

Until then, you might try 'baby sign' and giving her choices. I LOVE baby sign language - it has made my life much much easier.

For choices, simply pick two things - a snack and a drink, for example, and offer each (in your hand) to your child to pick one.

A ball and a bear, a book and a toy - you get the picture.

Having choices makes them feel just a little less frustrated.

If nothing works (and you're reasonably sure they're not sick), take them to a separate room, shut the door part way (with you on the other side) and let her scream it out. You don't want to develop a toddler terrorist by constantly trying to make her happy while she's yelling.



answers from San Antonio on

I think your kiddo is really smart. When this happens check is she dry? when did she eat? drink? temp'? no.....

Then would suggest either placing into crib/bed for a time out.
Placing on a time out carpet.

She may be acting out to get attention and found that rewarding much like they do at night...

Also try spending a little more quality time were you can....

I hope this helped, kid of not sure because se is 12months....
this behavior is normally something that happens at 24 months ie terriable twos lol



answers from San Antonio on

I'm having the SAME problems as you! My son just turned one at the beginning of May and it's like my little angel has become a little devil. He can't sit still for more than 5 minutes before he starts whining or screaming for no reason. At the store or at restaurants is the worst! At home I put him in his walker and just give him crackers and puffs, it's the only thing that keeps him quiet and happy for more than 5 minutes. I asked a few people about it and they said it might be a growth spurt. I hope so, because I can't take it anymore. He's driving me NUTS! If you figure out any solutions, please let me know!



answers from San Antonio on

W., is she teething or in any kind of pain? Has her routine been changed at all? It's so hard to say what exactly is wrong, but as you said, this is so sudden. I agree that is probably not just normal 1 year old behavior testing boundries. She she doesn't want to eat or drink it really makes me think she may be teething. That can cause so much pain and would make me very cranky if I was her! I would try tylenol and see if her behavior changes. It can't hurt her and if it helps you'll know what to do. Good luck!



answers from Odessa on

My daughter is going on 11 months and is stating the same as you describes yours. I just let her throw her fit unless she is crying for a reason like she normally would hungry tired bored. Other than that I just let her be. She has her moments when she is tired and usually hold her a rock her to sleep, there are times when she doesn't want me to touch her she will just lay her head down. It's frustrating sometimes i'm with my baby almost 24/7 i'm a stay at home mom so we get tired of each other and need a short break, I miss her after 30 minutes or so. So if you have someone to help give you a break that may help you both

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