12 Hour Shifts and Childcare

Updated on August 18, 2010
M.N. asks from Lakeland, FL
13 answers

I work 12 hour night shifts at hospital. Recently my very reliable childcare abandoned me. Help! what do single people do when they dont have friends or family to help with childcare?

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answers from Austin on

I have known single mom's who move in together and share childcare and a babysitter. It's a pain, but until they start school there aren't many other options.

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answers from Phoenix on

I used to babysit weekly for a single mom with 2 kids who did 12 hour overnight shifts as a nurse. I met her through a woman I was in grad. school with. Talk to your friends/co-workers and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in babysitting. Ask your co-workers where they take their kids. Good luck!


answers from Lakeland on

Have you found anybody to help you? Hopefully you will soon.



answers from Raleigh on

look on Craigslist, when I did inhome childcare I offered 12 hour shifts/overnight........



answers from Miami on

Ask your co-workers for references. Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

That's a hard question. Most child care facilities consider 9 hours to be a full day and charge extra for the hours over that. It must be really hard to find someone to help out every day.

I think I would not try someone I didn't know or that wasn't licensed by your state child care agency. It's a big bad scary world out there and our little ones are defenseless. Keep trying to find someone you know or that someone already uses.



answers from Washington DC on

Have you considered getting a nanny? The cost can be the same if not less, and your child would be able to stay at your home. Just a thought.



answers from New York on

honestly, you end up paying alot more. just find a reputable person with references, experience, a car, ect, but be prepared that night time watching and 12 hours at once are going to cost a great deal more than traditional times. good luck



answers from Miami on

you could also check out www.sittercity.com It's a place where sitters advertise their services and you can read through profiles based on your area/needs. Might at least give you some leads.


answers from Tampa on

Try to find what is called a Large Family Daycare. They generally do 24/7 care, tho they are not always full at all times. They are usually in someone's home too, and I think they must be State Licensed... Coordinated Childcare (if in your area) can give you a list of such daycares in your zipcode or the hospital's zipcode.

Good Luck!


answers from Kansas City on

Ditto on Craigslist. I've done 24/7 for 24 years. I'm sure others are out there. In fact, I get a little tired of people saying it's hard to find when I've been here, never missed a day, and advertise frequently. Most people I run into call and ask about location and price before anything else and many of them just don't want to know anything about me and the phone call is over if they don't like those first 2 answers.


answers from Johnson City on

I'm sorry I don't have much advice for you except to put ads in paper and ask around of people at work. Since they work the same shift as you, maybe they will have some recommendations. Also, maybe try your local DHS office. They might have listings of licensed providers.

GL! I'm in the same boat as you and it stinks not having other daycare options than the traditional daytime hours one in our very small town.



answers from Buffalo on

Neighbors, and an add in Cregslist

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