11 Year Old Has Horrible Gas

Updated on July 31, 2015
S.F. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My 11 year old daughter has had the most foul smelling gas for the last 2 weeks. Her stomach doesn't hurt and she's having regular bm's. The gas is off and on throughout the day and it smells like rotten cabbage and lingers for several minutes. It doesn't bother her at all but she starts middle school soon and is worried about that. She has a dr. appt next week and I'll discuss this with dr. then but am wondering if any of you have experienced this? Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Wow, thanks so much!! To answer a few questions, nothing has changed in her diet. Only change in activity is she did a week long running camp a couple of weeks ago. Also, not sure if this matters, but we've been in northern WA all summer with frequent visits to the lake. She spends on average about 30 minutes swimming/playing in the lake and swallows some of the water each time. I'm going to start keeping a food journal to give to the doctor next week. I'll ask about Beano and charcoal tablets. Thanks so much!!

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have you tried bean-O? just sounds like something has bloomed in her gut and is working its way out.

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What's she been eating over the last 2 weeks?

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Definitely ask the doctor about it. If she would be shy or upset or embarrassed by your asking the doctor as she (daughter) sits there, then ask the doctor without her in the room. I know my own kid would be pretty sensitive about it.

Before you go to the doctor: Ask yourself, has anything changed in these past few weeks-- not just the two weeks she's been having the gas, but in the couple of weeks before that as well? It's summer, so has her eating and/or activity pattern changed? Is she eating more, eating less, eating different foods? Maybe you've increased her fruit and vegetable intake recently? (That can increase gas in many folks.) Or is she eating more cheese, milk, yogurt or other dairy recently? (Also a gas-producer for some.) Does she drink sodas, or is it possible she's drinking more soda now that she's home for summer? Is she possibly being more active, in a sports camp or whatever, and running around a lot? (For some people, more exercise actually can make them fart more for a while!)

The doctor should ask you if there have been any changes, especially dietary changes, so be ready with an answer.

If she's home by herself much of the day in summer, be sure to ask her if she's snacking during that time, what she's fixing herself for lunches, etc. And don't forget to ask about what she drinks--a lot of milk if she's not used to it, or extra soda, could be a culprit for the gas.

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Yep, we go through periods of this with our son.
You can't eliminate the gas but you can get rid of the smell.
Get some activated charcoal capsules and have her take one once in the morning and once before bed.
It really works!


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