11 Year Old Daughter W/ Vaginal itching...help!

Updated on September 08, 2008
M.H. asks from Cumming, GA
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Hi there,
My sweet daughter has been experiencing excessive itching in her vaginal area. We have always used A&D Ointment and this has been sufficient. (I love that stuff) But last night, she was miserable and in tears. It is very red in the area. I ran to the nearest store that was open past 11pm and bought some Vagisil wipes and cream. It did work alittle, but still a bit uncomfortable this morning. From a medical side, there was no discharge of any kind so I didn't think she could have a yeast infection...I have a medical background, so sometimes I feel even more helpless! Have any of you tried anything else or have any ideas? I just tried to make sure that she would tell me right away next time so I could help her sooner. I think she was miserable all day and we kept wondering why she was grumpy. Poor thing.
Thanks fo any insight and advice.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your advice and input. I did end up taking her to urgent care on Sunday afternoon after she mentioned she felt like she needed to urinate, but couldn't...red flag for UTI. Sure enough, that is what it was and we just made it in the nick of time before the pharmacy closed to get her meds! I have never had a UTI so I did not think of itching w/it, but if your urethra is inflammed, it makes sense. So, there you have it. I hope this info helps other moms that might encounter this problem. I love the website! Thanks again!

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My 6 year old daughter has always been prone to yeast infections and icthing/redness. I recently took her to see a dr. and he told me to use Lotriman AF (same product you would use for foot fungus) and to make sure she bathes every day when she is red/itching. Good luck!

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I am highly susceptible to yeast infections and just general irritation in that area. I have found that fragrance of any kind is a huge irritant. I now use fragrance free Dove soap, fragrance free men's Edge Shaving Gel, fragrance free tampons, Northern toilet paper b/c it has no fragrance, Purex Clear detergent and fragrance free dryer sheets. Basically I keep any and all fragrance away from that area. It's sad that my clean clothes don't smell like sunshine anymore but I sure feel better!!

As an aside I am not allergic to anything and have no skin/fragrance problems anywhere else.

Hope that helps!!

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She could have a yeast infection and also if she uses bubble bath stuff, that can cause her to itch also.

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Hello, welcome to Georgia! Have you taken your daughter to a doctor? It sounds like she would need to be seen.
Also, one little tip; include yogurt in her daily diet.
Yogurt has a bacteria that helps with the bacteria in our system. She could be allergic to a certain fabric or detergent. She definately needs to be seen. Over the counter meds are good, but it may be something internally.
Good luck.

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you could try using hydrocortitisone cream for the itching. i would apply it right along with the other ointment you have. when my little girl has redness in her vagina I use the hydrocotrotisone 1/2% along with the diaper rash cream and if she has little red bumps (it's yeast) use an anti-fungal cream ( cannot think of the name of it but it's for athelete's foot). i know it's painful. my little one went through a bladder infection and she was also really red down there in the process. good luck and hopefully it clears up sooner than later.

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