11 Year Old Boy That Crys All the Time!

Updated on May 19, 2010
B.R. asks from Shelby, OH
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my 11 year old 5th grade son is so emotional i cant take it any more will he ever grow out of it? he is a good kid has lots of friends
loves 4-h and all his anaimals . he is just a big baby and i cant take it anymore Help! he cant take a joke or not cry when told something even when people are just trying to help him.

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So What Happened?

Wow you all are great help! just hearing that my kid isn't the only one like this makes me feel so much better!
And to who asked if his dad was around. I've been divorced since he was 5 years old and his dad wasn't in his life for 4 years and for the past year has been trying to be super dad!

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OMG I would go nuts I dont handle my kids being cry babies...If they start crying over nothing then they get sent to their room which I havent ever had this problem untili my 6 almost 7 year old...he will cry over not liking something we are having for dinner or telling him so stop wining when he does that I just tell him there is no reason for you to cry why are you crying and if he cnt tell me or he doesnt stop then he goes to his room till he chills out.... I dnot blame you a bit for being annoyed I would be too if I were you....Is his dad around?? sometimes having a man deal with it can be a better result

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This is PUBERTY. Very normal. Yes, he will get over it, but it might take a little longer if you label him a cry baby or become overly annoyed. Do your best to be empathetic while not overdoing it. Be sad for him when he is sad, but don't try to fix it for him. Ask him questions so that he can figure out the answers himself.........or just let him be. Try to understand that this is normal. Imagine being him, with hormones going hay wire in between childhood and manhood.........it ain't fun and ain't easy.

If you think 5th grade is bad, watch out for 7th grade! Things should get better by 9th grade. Hang on MOM!

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He has lots of friends, so obviously this isn't bothering anyone but you.

Let him cry, in a few years it won't be socially acceptable and he'll stop. You just reminded me that one of mine used to feel free to cry a lot. But he doesn't any more.

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answers from Roanoke on

My 10 year old step son has recently been crying a lot. We are having a really hard time with it too. This is a pretty sudden thing with him and while it is probably more complicated than your situation. I am starting to wonder if boys become sensitive at this age because of changes starting etc. Good luck to you!

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answers from Portland on

Whatever you do, don't tell him to "suck it up and get over it" like one of the moms on here said. That would hurt him even more, and since it is probably puberty, just be ok with it and realize its a phase he's going through on his way to becoming a man!
We as moms don't want our boys to be hard, unemotional train-wrecks because we wouldn't let them cry or told them it was girly. Some of the most manly, well rounded guys I know are OPEN with their emotions and don't try to stuff them and keep them inside.
He'll get through this, just keep being his momma and standing by his side and he'll be a better man for it. :)

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answers from Boston on

My youngest is 11 and he also is doing this!! I told him and explained to him that his body is going through changes. I explained it ALL! With that said I also told him to "Suck it up, get over it" because it driving me nuts! If your gonna cry with everything that is being done, go cry in your room. If he gets physically hurt or something thats different, I give hugs and kisses out with the best of them. But things such as time to go to bed, go brush your teeth, or even me just saying the wrong thing (which seems all the time now) saying things like Hi in front of his friends puts his undies in a twist. I can not put up with the moping and crying either.

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Hmmm.... Should we really tell boys not to cry? I know it can be nerve wracking. I have 4 girls. And yeah, they cried easy. One of mine would break my heart in her teens when she would cry. She's miss fair skinned and her eyes and face turns all red. Even when she's trying not to cry, she turns all red.

Mabye I will feel differently if I am still in my gransons life a lot when he's that age. I think showing emotion is important. It's part of what makes us human. It seems like people are afraid of confronting human emotions and even more so with boys and men.

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answers from Washington DC on

Actually believe it or not, boy are usually more emotionally sensitive between the ages of 6 and 12 than girls are. My mom has raised several boys and passed this little nugget of wisdom down to me now for use with my two boys. Just let him cry. When he's calmed down, talk him through what's bothering him in a way that is respectful of his emotions. I really hope that you're not telling HIM the things you wrote in your post. I can't imagine anything that could be more hurtful than to hear your mom say those things to you. Please don't ever let him know that you feel that way. You have to let him know that having emotions is okay and give him the tools he needs to work through them.

And yes, this is a phase. Soon enough he'll hit puberty and get that surge of testosterone and then he'll never cry again if he can help it! lol!

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answers from Redding on

I'm a girl and I cried a lot when I was 12. Nope...it wasn't hormones because I didn't start my period or anything until I was 15. I was a late bloomer. But, everybody made such a big deal about me turning 13....becoming a teenager.
I was like, "Can't I just get through being 12 first? At the stroke of midnight one day I'm a teenager. I'm not a kid anymore? My life is over? It's the childhood apocolypse? What does this mean?"
I'm sure boys must go through the same thing.
They're not a little, little kid but they're a long way from being grown up.
He might just be having a hard time controlling his emotions right now and not even know why.
My son is frigging hilarious. I mean, make you laugh until you pee funny. He went through a phase where he got really upset because he thought we were laughing AT him or making fun of him. He got really sensitive all the sudden. But, he certainly did grow out of it and I'm happy to say that he inherited the funny gene from me. He loves playing practical jokes or pulling somebody's leg and he has it figured out that if you're funny, people are going to laugh. But he did go through a thing where he questioned it. He got self conscious.
If you ask your son why he's crying, he might not even know. Maybe he's tired or getting ready for a growth spurt.

I bet he'll come out on the other side of it okay. Just try to be patient with him. Don't let him use crying as a way to get out of something like chores or taking out the garbage. He can cry and take care of animals at the same time.
Let him know some days you feel like crying too. Get it out and over with and move on to the next thing.

Best wishes.

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