11 Month Old Scared of Riding in Dark Car at Night!?

Updated on December 18, 2008
A.M. asks from Roseville, CA
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I have a soon to be 12 month old baby girl who has always had a earlyish bedtime, lately she has been staying up a little later and my husband and I's only babysitter has moved away so we sometimes have to go out when it's dark. I'm aware this ia probably our fault, she was a very colicky baby so we just didn't take her out much at night. She does great during the day I do errands it feels like everyday! Once it gets dark though, she will scream and cry!!! And all who has experienced this situation while driving know's just how difficult it can be!!!! I'm assuming we just need to keep doing it to get her used to it???? Any advice would be great. I would like to get out of the house once my husband gets home at night, but we just can't because of her!???

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I would get her some sort of soothing toy like a womb bear or a soft toy that lights up in the dark and plays quiet music. Keep reassuring her that everything is ok and try to go out a few nights a week to get her accustomed to it. Like anything,new experiences and surroundings can be scary for babies and toddlers. Keep trying. She will be ok.

I really think the toy will help though, to give her some diversion.

Take care,


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Have you done much walking after dark? I'd try putting her in the stroller and getting out after dark that way. Sometimes it can be scary in the car, like being in a dark tunnel, vision is hampered and it can be confusing. BUt if she gets used to the dark by walking around, looking for stars, seeing the moon, she might grow more at ease.

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talk positively about the dark and how neat it is and neat things about it, like bats eating mosquitos or the stars and the moon. She may be young, but they comprehend more than you know...and a positive attitude can do so much.

Also,a small light up toy that is kid safe and driving safe so she can creat her own light bubble...I wonder if those little dome/moon lights that you stick on a wall would do the trick...You'd have to check it for safety concerns first of course

Here is what I am talking about:

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If you have to do it then you have no choice, but I wouldn't purposely expose her to it if she's afraid. My youngest child was scared of everything, loud noises, kittens, squirting elephants in pools, you name it. Instead of trying to force him to not fear those things, I just comforted him and then kept him away from them. In time, his brain matured, and he's no longer afraid of them.



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Does she get car sick? I have noticed my son;s carsickness to be worse in the dark. Maybe the screaming is from the dizziness. Or she is not sure where you are. Try talking to her calmly and softly. The screaming might subside if she is trying to hear you. I would start the dialogue as you are putting her in the car seat and just keep talking to her.



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You can try turning on the dome lights, but if your uncomfortable with this, I bought my daughter a little flashlight for the car, and it worked wonders! HTH



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I have a CD of fun kids songs in the car, we listen to that most of the time, especially when she's just tired of being in the car.

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