11 Month Old Refuses to Eat

Updated on December 15, 2006
A.M. asks from Urbandale, IA
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My 11 month old (a year in Jan.) who in the past month/month and a half, been refusing to eat. He's teething, which could be part of the problem. He won't touch baby food and now won't even touch any food. He'll take a bottle sometimes but otherwise I can't get him to eat anything. The daycare he goes to says they have the same problem. He's not losing any weight or showing signs of dehydration and I've started putting more rice in his bottles so he's getting something, so it's not a malnutrition issue, but I'd like to know what's going on or helpful hints on how to get him to eat.

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answers from Billings on

There is a wonderful product called Teething Tablets and they Homepathic but they work like a charm!! They are Hyland's teething tablet's and you can find them a t Albertson's or Walmart!! They relieve alot of the discomfort so that your baby will sleep and/or eat! My seven month old is going through that as well. When my daughter was that young and teething I just happened across them and I absolutely swear by them. Of course if there is a fever I also give the baby tylenol. Hope this helps!!

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answers from Omaha on

I had the same problem with my daughter that is now almost 2. She was almost the same age and refused everything I tried to spoon into her mouth. She is very independant and it turned out she just didn't want ME to feed her. She wanted to feed herself. Try to give him those meat sticks or the spoonable pasta and see if he will feed himself. My daughter didn't eat solid food for about a week before I figured out what the problem was and I thought there was something wrong with her. I would be interested to know if that is the same problem you are having.



answers from Des Moines on

My son is the same age as yours, he will be a year on Jan 19th. He did this with the 1st 2 teeth and now doing it again with these ones. The Dr. says its okay as long as he is still acting normal and doing all the normal things as far as his diaper is concerned. I could usually get him to eat bread, my son didn't like the rice or cereal. I just put some butter on it and he went to town, also frozen waffles worked, they felt good on his gums and he was actually swallowing some of in while he chewed.



answers from Lincoln on

My dr says if they are hungry they will eat and if there is nothing wrong with them don't force them to eat. But offer soft things like a bananna if he is teething. Have you tried the teething tablets they worked very well for my kids when they were going throught this same stage. Good luck and remember that it will soon pass



answers from Omaha on

Good Morning, A.!

You'll be happy to know that what your little one is doing, is perfectly normal. Imagine yourself cutting new teeth. It hurts. Your gums would be sensitive to the touch, thus, you wouldn't be able to tolerate much in your mouth. You're doing great with this!! Putting rice in his bottle is a good idea. As long as he is not losing weight, still going poop and wetting his diaper, he's fine. Some things I have tried and found that work are: baby oragel (this is a gel specially made for babies, just rub a little on his gums and it will ease his pain) and pop-sycles!! Yep! Pop-sycles!! Set him in his high chair and hand him one. Not only will this numb his gums, but it tastes good and will keep him hydrated. Just keep in eye on him when he gets down to the stick so he doesn't poke his gums with it. He'll love it and you'll have fun watching all the faces he makes!! And if you get real concerned, call your doctor. That's what he's there for. One more thing, this doesn't last forever, even if it seems like it will...So hang in there and wait for those pearly whites to break through!! He'll eat in good time, when his little gums aren't so sore.

Just Me!



answers from Omaha on

My daughter has done this since 9 months old off and on. Mind you she is 32 months old and weighs all of 26 pounds. I get told all the time she will eat when she is ready or feels like it. Ticks me off. Although, I have learned, finally, there is nothing i can do. I can make her the foods she likes and cater to her that is it. Still that is touch and go. Made a joke to my doc that she is a anorexic baby. She said guess so. She is never very concerned with it. Says she is healthy and not to worry. Although, you know I do!! LOL!! And she gets alot more "junk" food then her brother. Just the way it is I guess.



answers from Rapid City on

Hi A., your little one will be just fine. Children in general will not starve themselves. Right now food is not something he is interestered in. If he is gaining wt. then things will be ok. Just offer finger food to him and not make a big deal of eating. He will come around went his body needs something. As far as teething goes, use Mortin for pain and popcycles are a good source of hydration. Hope this helps!

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