11 Month Old Refuses Sit

Updated on January 02, 2013
R.P. asks from Apache Junction, AZ
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Hi Ladies - My pediatrician has never heard of this so I thought I would try you wise mommies. My 11 month old has been sitting since around 6 months. For the last 2 months she has been scooting on her butt all over the house. As of 5 days ago she refuses to sit. She either stiffens up her whole body, or once she sits she flops herself backwards, banging her head. She is able to sit (high-chair, carseat) which is why the pediatrician isn't worried. She doesn't know how to crawl since she replaced that mobility with scooting. Any ideas how I should respond?

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answers from Honolulu on

My Husband's niece did that.
She scooted EVERYWHERE. ONLY scooting around. That's it.
But, she did progress to walking at a normal age, although sometimes it seemed she'd rather scoot than walk, or rather scoot than stand up.
But, there was something about her that was also like she had other developmental... uniqueness-es/problems. It was hard to explain, observing her.
BUT, she is a normal child now like any other.
Her parents did nothing to "change" her and it was just the child's way of getting around. Some babies do this, scooting.
She would even scoot around in a cafe or anywhere where the parents were... people would stare. The parent's didn't care nor make excuses nor were they apologetic to the stares. THIS was their child and the way she got around.
Their child scooted around for a long time... besides it being "germy" and dirty on the floors, especially in commercial/public areas... well, the parents didn't care or mind.
Sometimes she would scoot around using her front hands too... and it looked like a monkey. No insult meant. But yes, people would stare and comment and thought the child was strange.

I don't know what else to say, but this is how my Hubby's niece was.

If your child has no other developmental concerns or physical issues... then I guess its fine. But it seems she does not like to sit-sit... since she thrusts herself backwards. Maybe she just likes to be mobile... or to scoot around on her own without being told what to do? Some kids don't like sitting in their car-seat or high chair either and they will thrust themselves backwards... its a kind of protesting. BUT, if your child seems "unable" to physically sit properly or per biological/physical normal movements and coordination... then I would say that is a concern.

All the best,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi R.:
My sister use to scoot everywhere to! We use to crack up,because we knew she could crawl,but she loved to scoot around on her butt. I don't know,if she did it because it hurt her knees to crawl for so long,or she just felt that was an easy way to get around.She grew out of it after a short time,and began walking around tables holding on,and eventually let go and began walking on her own.I wouldn't be to concerned.You can work with her on mobility,so she gets to feeling braver about her abilities to get around.I wish you and your sweet daughter the best.J. M



answers from Los Angeles on

Hellp R.,

When is she refusing to sit? Is this when she would rather be doing something else (like being held)?

What you can do is look for the need that isn't being met, and try to meet it for her.

Lots of Love,



answers from Los Angeles on

interesting. i have a friend whose daughter would not crawl, even though she could, because they discovered she didn't like the feeling of the pressure on her legs. it took physical therapy to get her to cope with the feeling. something to think about. good luck to you.




answers from Seattle on

How did you overcome this problem? i am in the same boat. My 11 month old daughter is doing exactly the same from the last 3 days. Should I be worried or is it just a phase?

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