11 Month Old Having Constpation Problem Dr Thinks Milk Protein Allergy

Updated on October 07, 2009
J.C. asks from Cambridge, OH
7 answers

My 11 month old was just told by a GI specialist that he might have a milk protein allergy and put him on SImilac Alimentum, Is it possible to use Isomil Advance soy formula since he will not drink the new one? Or is he allergic to both?

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answers from Nashville on

My daughter was put on Similac Alimentum because her stomach was having trouble breaking down the proteins. We later switched her to Good Start Soy and she was fine.



answers from Dallas on

You can try the soy first if you want just to see if he likes it, it should be fine. Or you could just wait a little for him to get used to the taste of the Alimentum, or try Nutramigen which is the same thing, just a diferent brand. I can't imagine it would taste much different though to be honest.



answers from Chattanooga on

My son had the same issue. I had to use Nutramagin with him and he did fine with that. By the time he was 14 months old, I was able to switch him to gentle ease toddler formula. He now drinks rice milk. He is able to eat cheese and yogurt, but if he drinks regular milk he quickly get constipated.
Good Luck to you.



answers from Greensboro on

Hi J.,

I'm not a fan of soy formulas because there is debate over the issue of estrogen and whether or not it is absorbed. I gave my girls soy but if I had it to do over again I wouldn't after my research. The natural community recommends goat milk as an alternative and it's in the grocery stores now, where it wasn't when my kids were little. It's most closely similar to human milk.

Any formula has a tendency to constipate. As far as the constipation, like others said, prune juice is perfectly fine for your little one. It's actually a good antioxidant!

God bless,




answers from Raleigh on

Do NOT put your baby on a soy. Many kids that have a milk allergy cannot handle soy either. I learned this the hard way with my daughter. I'd call the dr. for other options before trying anything else.


answers from Charleston on

The soy formula should work just fine. There are occasions where child will be allergic to both. You'll just have to watch. As for the constipation.. try pears and/or prunes. Worked like a charm for us. Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Goat milk is the closest thing to human breast milk. Try that. there are goat milk based formulas. Call Similac to get an answer to your question.

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