11 Month Old Doesn't like Breastmilk Anymore but Likes Formula?

Updated on December 23, 2008
L.L. asks from Schofield, WI
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I have been exclusively pumping and giving my son breastmilk from the start. Over the last couple of months I have had to supplement with formula because my supply was not enough. We are at the point where 1 of his 4 bottles (6 oz. each) is formula. All of a sudden its like he doesn't like the taste of the breastmilk and will play around, refuse to eat or let the milk pool up in his mouth and eventually let it run out of the sides of his mouth all over the place. So, I thought I would test a theory, I made up a bottle of formula, gave it to him and he drank it without any issues. This has been going on for the last couple of days. He does have a tooth coming in but that doesn't really account for this. If he didn't want the bottle he would refuse it no matter what was in it. He has also had some diarrhea the last couple of days - possibly because of the tooth coming in. He hasn't had as good of an appetite especially for any baby food or table food. Has anyone heard of a baby suddenly not liking the taste of breastmilk and wanting formula? I have been anxious to stop pumping anyhow and thought perhaps God is working it out a bit quicker than I thought. We had planned on beginning to transition him over to cow's milk in the next month or so anyways.

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answers from Albany on

Same thing happened to me. Formula is like a milkshake to them. More filling. Also doesn't have mixed tastes from the food you eat. You did good by giving him breastmilk in the beginning. I wouldn't worry about the change :)

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answers from Rochester on

Hi L.! Congrats on your success with breastfeeding! It sounds like you and your little one are ready to wean. Has he had cow's milk at all? My daughter is 11 1/2 months and a few weeks ago I noticed a big decrease in my milk supply. I decided to start supplementing with cow's milk. We have been doing that for a couple of weeks and it's working out well. She should be transitioned totally by the time she's one. I have taken some flack from some moms about starting this at 11 months, but a lot of babes start around then. I guess my point is to do what works for you and your son. It may take a little time for him to get used to cow's milk if he's never had it. So in the mean time, if he prefers formula, give him formula. Good luck!



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this happened to me too with my daughter what I did was pump and store the milk and then mixed half formula and half breast milk and then she would take it my doc said this was fine but you should check with your doc too



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I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding as long as possible, but... it may sound like you & your baby are coming to the end of this aspect of your relationship. Having breastfed 3 children myself, (still nursing the last one), be prepared for some emotional response to ending the nursing, even if you are ready for it. And don't feel bad! 11 months is a great amount of time to nurse!! Your baby has gotten tons of benefits from this !!

Just a thought about him wanting formula instead of breastmilk, the first thing that popped into my mind is possible food sensitivity to something you've eaten. If you really want to do some detective work, you can eliminate different foods to see if he reacts better to the breastmilk, but since you mention being ready to stop pumping, you may not want to go thru all that, as it can be very time consuming and frustrating if you don't figure it out right away.

I say give yourself a huge pat on the back for nursing your baby for almost a year!! Even tho it may be time to stop nursing, you have so many more aspects of the relationship to look forward to. You're doing great!!



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I never used formula but was told that it tends to be sweeter than breastmilk. Also has your diet changed at all? Have you been eating differently than before, taken any new medications or anyother changes. These things (and others) will change the taste of your breastmilk and he may not like the new taste. My one daughter didn't eat good for about a week one time when I had went out for Italian. It had a lot of garlic in it and she hated it. That is a short term example. Anyway if your ready to give up breastfeeding and he seems to then go with it. It may be a good opportunity for you to "get your body back"!!! A.



answers from Jamestown on

my baby self weaned from breast-feeding at 9.5 months. It is a weird feeling for sure, but if he likes the formula more I would just transition over to it...maybe mixing some formula and b-milk together in the sippy so he gets some b-milk if you're still able to pump some. I wasn't able to pump at my point and she all of a sudden just took to formula when she never would before...or even take a bottle or sippy before. She just one day pretty much cut out half her breastfeeding and I felt she needed the sippy of formula to supplement and she never went back to breastfeeding again after about a week. My body just naturally adjusted too as she fed/demanded less of my milk, with it also being the first onset of having a period, and I had no sore boobs. Also on a different note...I don't know if you have a problem with this..but I found that my dd drank a lot less milk at this point and wanted more food instead. I started having problems woth constipation because she wanted to eat more than drink...so I just introduced juice and water more to her diet ( no more than 4-6 oz) and now at 11.5 months no more than 16 oz. of milk in addition to juice and water, which seemed to cure the problem so she could eat as much as she liked without becoming constipated. Good luck with everything!



answers from Buffalo on

Yupp! Same thing happened to me! My son one day just did not wanted to breast feed anymore. We had him just like you on Formula and i only Breastfed him in in the morning and at night and the rest formula. I was happy to have my breasts back and not wear nursing bras anymore! :-)



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Many people will disagree with me on this, but here goes anyways:

Follow your instincts. You have nursed your son for a long time, and given him an amazing gift! The key to all things child-related, in my opinion, is to listen to your gut and your baby at the same time. My son self-weaned at 7 months, though some say that isn't really possible at such a young age. But he did, and I finally listened to him. He went to sippy cups (and formula) and is an incredibly healthy and happy kid now! If your son is talking to you loud and clear (as it seems he is), then listen! :) I'm jealous you got to nurse as long as you did. Your son gave you a great gift, too!

You're clearly a devoted, informed mom. Do what you think is right, and it will work out great!



answers from New York on

When trying to get my daughter to take a bottle in the very beginning, she wouldn't take breastmilk, only formula.
I mix formula and breastmilk now. So, instead of 3 breastmilk bottles and one formula bottle. Mix the formula and breastmilk and maybe he will like the mix and still get all the breastmilk you are producing.