11 Month Old, Bloddy Nose from a Fall, Should I Worry?

Updated on May 28, 2009
M.H. asks from Gresham, OR
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My 11 month old daughter was crawling all over our dog on the floor. My dog got sick of it and got up, which in turn made my daughter fall face first onto the hardwood floor. Her nose just starting gushing blood everywhere. BTW, this is my first child and first injury expierence so mommy was a little scared too! Yikes:) So I got the blood to stop pretty quickly and it looks to be a little swollen, but she is in bed now, So im hoping it doesnt get bigger. Should I really worry? Is there anything major to worry about? Or, is it just a bloddy nose?

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for your help! I was worried about the swelling issue but didnt notice anything swollen or bruised this morning. I did however call my ped nurse, which happens to be my aunt so i bug her all the time(what is family for, right) and she told me the same things i read on here. So no worries! My little girl is fine and still crawls all over the dog :) I guess it didnt scare her enough!

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Hi M.,
Unless the nose is bruised and swollen up there is no need to worry. Being an expert at bloody noses (or so I feel like), if you can stop the nose bleed within 10 minutes you are fine. My son got his first bloody nose at 6 months and unfortuetly for him it was the first of many! We even took him to a specialist because he got so many. If he even bumps his nose on anything it bleeds or if his sinuses get real dry it bleeds! I can only imagine what it's gonna be like if he wants to play football when he is older! LOL


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You have survived the first boo-boo!!!! Yeah!!!! Now, examine her nose, make sure it's not off centered at the bridge. If it is, call your pediatrician and ask the nurse what to do. They may say come in or just ice it. She bumped her head, and there maybe cause for alarm, watch her for unusual sleepiness, complaints of head ache, etc. If she's exhibiting any of these, go to the emergency room to have her checked out. Most bloody noses, bumps and bruises aren't cause for alarm. The force of the impact will usually determine the level of concern for you. Talk with your pediatrician at your 1 yr check up and ask them for guidance.

Take good care of yourself as well as your daughter. Enjoy each moment, they're all breathtaking and awesome!

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Hi M.! I know what you are going through, my son who is three now, hit his face & got a bloody nose around the same age. He was fine, noses seem to bleed a lot like head bumps. As long as your daughter didn't seem sleepy or disoriented right after she is probably fine. my son since has hit his head on a rocking chair & a bunch of other things that has scared the pants right off me! Now my daughter who is 18 months is taking right after him, the bumps just keep coming and the older they get the more they seem to either hurt themselves or do things that push the envolope on freaking me out just for fun! hope this helps a little!

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M. - If you can stop by a WalMart or drug store today, pick up something called Arnicare Gel. It is made from Arnica, which is a homeopathic medicine for bumps, bruises, and abrasions. The gel doesn't hurt, and it works WONDERS on bruises and swelling! My 1 year old takes falls quite often and I've seen a bruise go from purple to yellow to gone in about 24 hours! The less time sore and swollen, the better, right?!?

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Hello M.,

I am sure that there is nothing to worry about!

I would watch her and make sure the swelling does not interfere with her breathing. If it does, or the swelling get's worse take her to the doctor.

It the age of bumps and bruises...Good Luck!


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I would say there is nothing at all to worry about. It's just a bloody nose. My daughter is 2 and I canNOT get her to keep her fingers out of her nose. Needless to say, I wind up treating about one bloody nose a week for her.

I'd say keep an eye on it, and if your gut feeling says she needs more, then call your doctor and ask, or make an appointment. Trust your gut feelings, they will be right more often than you think.

Hope this helps,
BTW my kids are 2 and 5 1/2 :)



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If she is acting normally- I wouldn't worry- unless she can't breath well- I always check my babies fontanel's for any sign of bulging when they fall on head or face



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Hi there. My daughter got her first bloody nose from a swing incident at the park when she was 2 and I was horrified and it scared me. However, she is 7 1/2 now and has endured, I don't know, many many bloody noses. I no longer even blink. The doctor has said she has thin membranes and is prone to them at the slightest bump. I just have her look up and squeeze her nose, and though some are worse than others, they always go away quickly.
If you are really concerned, check with your doctor/nurse, but it could be just the first of many experiences. Take care,


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