11 Mo Old with Rash on Stomach Only

Updated on October 13, 2008
S.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
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My daughter has a rash on her stomach only. It is mostly on the right side. It started yesterday and was so light that I almost didn't see it and by this evening it has bumped up and started turning pinkish-red. We have started mixing in whole milk with her formula for 6 days now and she has been on Prevacid for 8 days. We are stopping the Prevacid for the weekend to see if it is an allergic reaction, but I don't understand why it is only on her tummy. It is not even on her chest. Any ideas?

Also, just wanted to mention that she is not on any other medications and has not had a fever at all. I did contact her pediatrician on Friday and they are the ones who suggested stopping the Prevacid for the weekend.

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It does sound like an allergy and allergies can be weird. I would still call the doctor tomorrow morning and just ask to talk to a nurse. Rashes can be caused by all sorts of things. You don't necessarily have to take your daughter in. but I always say better safe than sorry. I am not a huge lover of whole milk. Nobody in my family digests it. I'm wondering if your daughters stomach is upset as well. You might talk to the nurse about milk alternatives, and I am a big believer in probiotics. Has your daughter been on antibiotics? Antibiotics can cause all the same symptoms as milk allergies, and probiotics will help get her tummy back to normal. Just another thing you may want to run by that nurse.
Enjoy your little doll. They grow up faster than you can know!



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Hi S.,

Has your baby girl had a fever lately? Sometimes after a fever a child will get a rash on their trunk. Just a thought that is totally unrelated to the milk and prevacid.
Good luck!



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Many viruses also present with a light pink rash on the tummy. Check to see if she has a low grade temp and watch to see if the rash spreads, gets darker. My son has many allergies. When he ingests something he is allergic to or has a drug reaction the rash spreads over his neck, back, arms, legs, he is uncomfortable and itchy, the reactions are usually within 30 minutes of ingesting.



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It could be an allergic reaction to the milk as well. You could always try goat's milk or rice milk (you should be able to find this in your natural food's section). If you try these, I'd get a dr's recommendation before using them long-term. My daughter had lactose intolerance and had to be on a lactose-free formula. Since you didn't mention any problems there, it may not be the milk.

For years, my daughter would get a rash on her stomach and then test positive for strep. Scarlett Fever is the rash on the stomach. It feels like sand paper. Allison would get it all the time. She finally out-grew it and quit getting it all together.

Either way, if I were you, I'd take her to the doctor's office and let them evaluate. If she has the strep-rash, she'll need antibiotics.

Hope this helps!



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Hi S.,
Has she had the measles vaccine? If not --does she have any fever, sore throat, enlarged lymph glands (under her jaw and behing her ears). Don't let it go because there are too many serious things that can cause a rash on the tummy.



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I just read an article in Parents magazine that said Roseola can begin with a rash on the tummy, move on to a fever and illness for a few days, go dormant and then reactivate a few days later. The article made it sound like there's not much to do for it - you treat it like a virus. I remember it so well because my three year old was suffering from a mystery virus when I read it and I was trying to figure hers out. My experience with allergy rashes is that you know the moment they erupt because they're itchy/uncomfortable for your child. I'd go to the doctor if it continues more than a few days. I hope it just goes away and you're spared the whole doctor's office process.




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I think it's the milk that's causing it. My son had been on prevacid since he was 6 weeks old. He has an intalerance to a certain protein in the cows milk, any formula based on cows milk. If your daughter is on the meds, then chances are that she's haveing the same problem. I would also call and concult your doc.

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