10Th Birthday Party What to Do??

Updated on September 10, 2010
P.C. asks from Canyon Country, CA
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Hi, my eldest is turning double digits (10) as he calls it, in Dec. I want to make this birthday memorable for him. But I don't have any
ideas, to make my boy's day special..

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answers from Honolulu on

Why don't you ask him, doesn't he have any ideas? There are about a billion cool things to do with a bunch of 10 year olds, but it will be way more special if you ask him what he wants. Some kids like big parties, some kids just want to bring one friend to disneyland or have a sleepover. He is old enough to have an opinion. My daughter started planning her birthday parties when she was five, and now I have to put a budget on them because she is getting more and more elaborate every year!

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answers from Washington DC on

My neighbor's son just turned 10 in July. We did everything in '10's.

- He got a $10.
- He got a roll of dimes
- He got 10 presents...

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answers from Houston on

What kinds of things is he into? Sports, cars, pirates...?

I know one of our friends had a few friends go to the pro baseball stadium and got to go on the field and visit all the neat places there. Most stadiums/racetracks have birthday party tours like that. So, it's a little expensive, but you can always just take the family and maybe a best friend.

Maybe he would like something simple like mini golf, or going to a museum or the zoo. maybe he wants a huge party at home with a visit from Spiderman, or just a pizza party.

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answers from Dallas on

Seepovers are always fun! My son is having his first one in a few days. He just turned nine. Have fun whatever you do!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ahhh...10! I remember the “double digits”. My youngest was adamant that it was a big deal so we planned her a “Power of Ten”.
1. There were 10 kids there (her and 9 others)
2. 10 different food items – carrots, broccoli, cake, ice-cream, etc
3. there were 10 activities planned – a craft, pop the balloon, Wii tourney with 5 games, stuff like that.
4. We had 10 different ‘songs’ playing in the background
5. each of the kids invited had to give their “top 10” list of songs and she made a take home CD for each of them instead of loot bags
Stuff like that. It was fun and the kids loved the theme.

Have fun!
Family Success Coach

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, try Johns Incredible Pizza this is a place like Chuck E Cheese but for bigger kids, they have a great buffet and rooms in different themes. all kinds of games and even rides. check it out. good luck :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

When our son turned 10, we let him pick a single friend and took him with the family for a day at the water park. My son's b.day is in July, so that obviously won't work for a Dec b.day, but is there an amusement park your son likes nearby? Maybe you could just take him and his friend and let them make the decisions about where to go/what to do/see next there?

Most boys around that age enjoy things like virtual reality games or lazer tag or something... is there a place you could take him with a friend and then have pizza at home and a sleepover?

As our kids have gotten older (9 and 12), we do a lot more of letting them make choices on their birthday, instead of having a huge party. Such as: Let the birthday child choose a movie to see then pick the restaurant for dinner out after, then come home and have cake and open gifts. Or, let them decide if they would rather all go see a movie or all go play mini-golf, then let them pick dinner after (Denny's -breakfast for dinner, lol- or Ruby Tuesday's; or for our another kid: Chinese or seafood).

At 10 they are starting to get too "old" for the party places with climbing mazes, etc, and the gift giving gets more complicated for guests as well.

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answers from Honolulu on

Try asking him... what his ideas are on it.
Before you go all out on something, that he may not think is neat.



answers from San Diego on

Hello, I don't know where Canyon Country is at, but when our oldest grandson turned 6 (I know it is a lot younger, but still memorable) his mother paid for him to do a dolphin interaction at Sea World-San Diego. He had such a great time and talked about being a dolphin trainer after that. Is there such a place near where you live or other type of place where he could do something out of the ordinary?
Good luck with your precious son.
K. K.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, you may want to also explore the idea of local museums - they often have great activities or interactive exhibits and some even do birthdays. It's a fun, unique, and sometimes even educational (the horror) way of celebrating a birthday with a small group.

Here are some suggestions:

-Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena (at the Rosebowl) - you can also have a big picnic afterwards in the park areas
-Discovery Science Museum and see the Dinosaur Exhibit
-Museum of Natural History
-American Heritage Museum
-Air and Space Museum

If he enjoyed the movie "Night at the museum" (particularly the second one), he and his friends might enjoy traveling to one (or multiple) spots that was used in the film (the plot took place in NY and DC but many of the scenes were actually filmed here in LA).

I remember also seeing a great place for a birthday out in Irvine, it's an outdoor mini park that has go karting, batting cages, mini golf and an arcade that had really reasonable prices.

Perhaps he and his friends may like something more active like hiking to a waterfall. Stuyvesant Falls in Arcadia is a great adventure to go on with younger children and ends with quite a large spectacle.

Hope this helps.

-A. H.