10Th Birthday Ideas

Updated on June 16, 2011
C.K. asks from Excelsior, MN
4 answers

I have been searching the internet and can't find anything about a double digit birthday party! I need your help! I am planning a family party and want the theme to be "double digits". I thought about having double bubble gum and double mint gum but what else? Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

check out birthdaypartyideas.com, it has always been a great resource for me :)

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answers from Denver on

Hey C. - our local sports centers and health clubs do sport themed bday parties. Maybe you could play some games involving the score board?

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answers from Milwaukee on

How about a double layer cake? Make a banner thats says congrats you have made the double digit. Happy 10th birthday.


answers from Phoenix on

my friend was so creative on this subject. they made a invitation on the TOP 10 things about _________ . Starting with the 10 , then 9 and then to the TOP 1 thing about ______ . Then they did 10 different things on that day and asked the kids to bring 10 of their favorite goodies to share and she invited just 9 kids to make her the 10th ect.... It was a great night.

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