10 Year Old 'Picking' at Clothing

Updated on September 10, 2007
L.F. asks from Cedar Creek, TX
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Silly request, really. But this has become a big problem. My 10 yr. old son is constantly picking and pulling at his clothes, mostly at his butt, and sometimes pulling the crotch of his pants (when he wears jeans). He had a sudden weight gain from meds over the summer (15 lbs.) and then he lost 5. We took him to get all new pants, unders, shorts in a larger size, so they do fit him as well as any could. His problem is that his thighs are chubby and the tighty whities are a little snug on them, but a little too big in the butt. He also has a problem with boxer briefs, and will not wear regular boxers.

My husband is always on him, and I too have gotten on him a bit - but I think it might be kinda a habit/tic that he cannot seem to get over. We even tried without any underwear, but then his butt crack gets all sweaty, and we've tried powder. I don't know what I can do to help him get over this. THere is no physical/medical reason for this, but socially I know this has to stop.

Are there any suggestions as to how to break this? I don't want him hearing that he's fat or gross in school, but the behavior is truly bothersome to watch.

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answers from San Antonio on

Gosh my son does the same thing. He also does this silly stance where he "re-arranges" himself. I think it's a boy thing. How is he when he wears jogging pants or sweats. If it the same thing then you are right it's a Tic he's not really "re-arranging". I just tell my son to please go in the bathroom if he needs adjust himself and tell him that's is just proper b/c those are his privates parts. Heck he maybe even going thru puberty. Ask your husband to help out in that case.
Hope this helps.



answers from San Antonio on

Hi I am a sahm of 3 (11,9,and 3) my son is also a little larger than most children his age. Try getting him larger briefs than he normally wears so that he doesnt feel confined. If it is a tic try not to mention it as much other wise it becomes worse. My son went threw a period where he was twitching his eyes a lot so I had him seen by an eye specialist and was told it was a tic and not to say to much about it for it could make it worse. After awhile it went away almost as quickly as it appeared. You should also make sure that there is nothing irritating his genital area. I hope this helps



answers from Amarillo on

My son will be 9 in October and does the same thing, mostly picking at his crotch. I agree with you, I think it is just a habit and they don't even realize they are doing it. I think you can assure your son that it has nothing to do with weight, my son is pencil thin. We have also tried many kinds of undies, pants, etc. I do find that my son picks a little less if he wears jeans or jean shorts instead of the slicky athletic type. I'm afraid to tell him to stop or bring too much attention to it because I don't want to make it worse. If you find anything that works, please email me at [email protected]____.com thanks.



answers from San Antonio on

Hi L..
Our son is 6 and does not like wearing regular briefs because he, too, has large thighs and the leg holes are just too tight. He will wear boxers but his favorite are the long boxer/briefs. They are a combination of a regular brief and boxer with longer legs. They look like what we called "biker shorts" in high school. You might also want to try a powder with cornstarch or even a spray antiperspirant/deoderant. The anitperspirant will keep him dry and the deoderant will keep him "fresh" smelling. If he doesn't want any scent, there are unscented ones. I would also incorporate an antibacterial body wash into his routine.
Take Care!



answers from Wichita Falls on

Maybe ditch the jeans in favor of some really soft sweatpants or long bermuda shorts? Maybe alter his underwear, or look into sizes specifically for plus size boys (I think they call them huskies)?




answers from Corpus Christi on

Does he get to ride a bicycle regularly? or go swimming??? These exercises may help with his legs and overall body weight distribution and weight. You may want to talk to his Pediatrician for suggestions.


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