10 Year Old Birthday Girl Gift

Updated on December 13, 2012
A.L. asks from Charleston, SC
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I need some inexpensive ideas for a birthday gift for a 10 year old girl. We are maxed out right now budget wise due to Christmas, and my daughter is invited to a birthday party for a classmate on Saturday. I don't want her to miss, but I can't really afford more than $15-20 max. Any good ideas? They just became friends in October, so we don't know her very well.


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answers from Reno on

I am on board with Victoria, i swear that is all my daughter wants is duct tape, they make all sorts of stuff with it. totally crazy, they even sell kits now. who would of thought? my daughter has made wallets, bookmarks, book covers. i never knew it cam in so many patterns. lol.
good luck to you

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answers from Jacksonville on

Duck tape, fuzzy thick socks, funky toe socks, a basket of a mix of the aforementioned...
My daughter is 11. You might be surprised how "into" duck tape they are. And no, I didn't misspell it. There is a brand now that's "duck" tape, and it comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and themes. Penguins are big with the girls it seems... my daughter has used more duck tape this year than I ever would have thought imaginable. They even decorated their homeroom classroom door with it for a contest. She makes bracelets out of it. A wallet. She made a cover for her Science notebook assignment. And her Social Studies Frayer Diagram project. And on and on.....
They love that stuff.
I don't get it. But they seem to.

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answers from Redding on

All girls this age love a little bling.

The dollar store has darling small boxes. Go to Claire's and find some cute bracelets, a necklace. They have all kinds of cute things and they're not expensive. You can put the jewelry in the little box, tie it closed with ribbon, voila!

Or....you could find a really cute wallet or change purse and put a crisp ten dollar bill in it.

Girls are pretty easy to shop for.

Best wishes.

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is 10.
And she always knows, that "we" have a budget. Or she uses her own money to buy gifts. She is a wise shopper.

For her and her friends, they like simple cutesy useful things.
Hair stuff, pens, cute notebooks, soft furry cuddly stuffed animals, gift cards from Barnes and Noble, diary, books, nail sets.

Here in my town the kids are not into Duct Tape... yet.

For us, we have a $10 gift budget.

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answers from Atlanta on

How about a book? (Age-appropriate, of course.)

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answers from San Francisco on

Most girls that age would love a Claire's gift card.
Earrings, if her ears are pierced, or a cute scarf/mitten set.
Perfume/lotion gift sets (like Love's Baby Soft.)
A box of chocolate!

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answers from Detroit on

I would say either stuff from Claire's or a store like Bath and Body Works - yummy smelling lotion, lip balm, etc.

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answers from Spartanburg on

A Target gift card always goes over well. Like another person suggested, lotions and body washes from Bath and Body Works are also a hit. I like the sock idea, you could make a little kit with cool toe socks, nail polish, and foot lotion.

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