10 Year Anniversary Gift for My Husband

Updated on June 19, 2010
C.T. asks from Idaho Falls, ID
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It's my husband and I's 10th anniversay and I have no idea what to do for him. He's one of those guys who says, "Don't get me anything honey, I have everything a man could possibly ever want." But I've got to do something or get him something. Do any of you have any ideas?

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answers from Denver on

Each anniversary has an item that represents that birthday, e.g. paper for the 1st Anniversary, wood for the 5th, and for the 10th it is tin or aluminum. To tell you the truth, I do not have many ideas for what you could get that is tin or aluminum but it would be fun to come up with something.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

For our 10th we went to Hawaii. If something like a trip or short weekend is out of the question then.......

Get a babysitter for the weekend or at least 1 night (where your child sleeps over somewhere else). Make him his favorite dinner, wine, and YOU be dessert in a nice little outfit, you know his tastes. IF you can't have your child sleepover somewhere, then try to get a reasonable hotel for 1 night just the 2 of you and go have a nice dinner, etc.

Some men like the dolled up lingerie in heels and others are the cute booty shorts and tee.

Make your time together a night you won't forget and create new menories and maybe new traditions!

Also, if you don't do date night, I recommend weekly date night. We've had date night since we've been together (almost 25 yrs). You don't have to be extravagant for date night.... We've done everything from a long walk to sporting events, concerts, horse races, golfing, great restaurants, etc....

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answers from Atlanta on

When I want to do something significant and there's nothing meaningful to actually buy him for him (he doesn't wear men's jewelry or have a really expensive hobby like golf -he plays a banjo, throws darts and builds computers), I get him something that I know he will love and enjoy for the home or his office. This is our 10th as well, and my husband LOVES sunflowers. We've always wanted to put stained glass above the transom of our front door, so I'm having a piece of stained glass made and installed with four sunflowers on it, our last name in the middle and our names (including the childrens') individually under each sunflower. Our wedding date will be under our last name in the middle. Glass isn't the 10th traditionally, but I know he'll love it! I did go with the traditional wood for our 5th and get him a piece of art mounted on old Cyprus wood that he has really enjoyed.



answers from Columbus on

According to Hallmark your 10 year should traditionally be celebrated with Tin/Aluminum. The moder version states Diamond Jewelry is the anniversary gift.

IMO, I am traditional and go with the Tin/Aluminum. If he is a fisher you can maybe look for a new hook/bait thingy, a hunter could use a new tin box to hold his ammo, a golfer could use a new aluminum golf club, a drinker... a 6 pack of beer (hehe), etc.....

Hope this helps and Congratulations on 10 years!!

EDIT - Oh ya, my husband and I are the same.. so hard to buy for eachother. So, we usually get something for our home. One year we got new furniture, last year we painted the kitchen, and so forth...



answers from San Antonio on

It just depends on what he likes. For my hubby, I have given him: (on different occasions)(he LOVES his truck):
Billet door steps for his truck
A tonneau cover for the bed of his truck
Fixed a 22 inch rim I messed up, had them put back on the truck and washed and detailed it.
But for our 10th (had some extra cash at the time) I bought him a round trip ticket to Minnesota (where his family is from) to see a Vikings game with his favorite cousin. It was in early November so they had an extra Thanksgiving dinner for him.
A billet grill and bowtie for his truck
I have fixed him nice steak and shrimp dinners
Quiet nights on the porch with some drinks

just depends on what he likes. Tell me what he does on his free time, what he is interesed in. Think like him.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Another idea - I got my hubby a nice looking journal instead of a card and wrote my feelings inside. Now when it is our anniversary, his birthday, Valentine's Day, or just a day that I am feeling like leaving him a note to express my love, then I write in the journal. Cards get tossed, but this one won't. I can't wait to read it years down the road and see how our relationship develops and changes.

I bought this last year, and he loved it so much that this year on my birthday he got me a journal too. He wrote in it as well as the kids.



answers from New York on

My husband is the same way... and we usually just exchange cards. For many reasons, this year has been exceptionally challenging for me personally and professionally and he has been amazing. So, I have planned a mini-trip for us. He has no idea! We are taking the train into NYC to see a show, have dinner and spend one much needed night away.

We are never that extravagant with eachother, but sometimes it is completely worth it!



answers from San Antonio on

For father's day this year I cleaned the garage and mowed the lawn. I don't think there is a gift on earth that could have impressed him more, given him more time to enjoy his kids, and made him feel like I love him.

How about a romantic getaway? It doesn't have to be far if finances don't allow, but the amount you spend on a gift can be spent on a hotel room, lingerie and massage oil.

Congratulations and many blessings for the yeats to come!



answers from Denver on

I made one of these for my hubby for our 10 yr and it turned out so good! I chose the hardback version. http://www.lovebookonline.com Just so you know when they print it, they will leave 1 blank page at the beginning and one blank page at the end. I wasn't aware of it, so I put in a blank page at each end and had two blank pages. You don't have to pay for extra pages that you add. I opted for the 1 cent shipping and recieved my book in one week from the day I ordered it. (I live in CO.) Happy Anniversary!!



answers from Denver on

Time together is best - whatever you can swing - a date night, weekend etc. One thing we did for our 5th was a date night - walk down memory lane... I told him we were going out, but didn't say where. We went to a bar we used to play darts at for a drink and apps, then to a place for dinner where we got engaged, then another place we went to for dessert.... just a fun way to remember the first 10 years... whatever you do - congrats and enjoy!



answers from Stationed Overseas on

We just had our tenth last month so congrats to you both! My hubby is very much into football so I got him a cover for our grill with his favorite football team logo on it. He went nuts and loved it. If he's into sports you could try one of the football, baseball, hockey or whatever websites and see what kind of stuff they have for sale.



answers from Albany on

It depends on his likes. My husband is a musician and I've done everything from surprise him with an automatic string winder (cheap but he loved it) to a brand new, rare guitar he had been looking for for over 15 years but had been unable to find (not cheap and he REALLY loved it LOL).



answers from Boise on

What is the way your husband shows you love? Typically what he does for you is what he would like to recieve.

One of my husband's favorite gifts was a guitar, and he is the same way.
I think they key is you need to find out who he REALLY is or longs for deep down inside, and apply it to the gift.



answers from Los Angeles on

For our 10th I gave my wife a 7-day cruise. This is the year to do it. The cruise companies are hurting for passengers and are offering some fantastic deals. From Idaho you can fly to almost anywhere in the US and be there in a reasonable amount of time. Princess Cruise Lines was the host ship for the TV series "Love Boat" and they really try to maintain that image.

If you think he would like to travel, e-mail me and I'll give you a bunch of web sites for discount travel. kayak.com, cheapcaribbean.com, shermanstravel.com, vacationstogo.com and LDS.travel are some of my favorites. If you are worried about being seasick on a cruise, think of this. Cruise ships are so steady they have minature golf courses and bowling alleys on board. Apply for a passport now, if you don't already have one.
Vacationstogo.com is advertising a 7-day cruise out of Miami for $399.00 and a 7-day cruise out of Long Beach CA, for $479.

There are some wonderful adults only resorts. In this case adults only doesn't have to mean XXX. The one we went to for Mother's day only meant "No children under 18". It was wonderful not having kids underfoot and chasing each other around or having diapers in the pool.

Good luck to you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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