10 Month Old Won't Sleep Through the Night

Updated on September 07, 2009
J.K. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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I have an 10 month old daughter and a 23 month old daughter. My oldest slept through the night from the time we got home, but my youngest hasn't. I will get her down for bed and she will wake up and want to be rocked to sleep. They share a bedroom, so my oldest doesn't want to go to sleep. Then once I get my youngest back to sleep, she will wake up when I lay her down and so she ends up sleeping with us. She wakes several times in the night and just fusses while she is even in the bed with us. I have tried the Ferber method but she will just scream. I did this 3 nights in a row each for 1-2 hours. She no longer wants a bottle. The lack of sleep has really gotten to me and I don't know what to do. She is teething, but still should be sleeping!!! She does not sleep a lot during the day. Please help.

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Cosleeping now will not condemn you to a decade of forced cosleeping w/ a child who refuses to leave your bed. I've coslept w/ all three of mine & the eldest two, ages 8 and 3, have moved on to their own beds and sleep very well on their own. No issues getting them out when the time came & they're normal, healthy children. Cosleeping is an awesome choice, if it fits your family.

I think the Ferber Method is crud. It may "work" but not the way I want my children to learn about sleep. Sleep should be a safe, healthy place, but Ferber pretty much just trains the child to give up hope that someone will come help.

Off my soapbox. :)

I'd try the Hiland's Teething Tablets. Check for ear infection. Cuddle her to sleep in your bed & when she stirs, cuddle her some more. Something's bothering her & momma's cuddles always help. :)

Are things too quiet for her? Can you try having a fan on for some white noise? Does she wear jammies? Maybe they are bothering her & keeping her in nothing but a diaper would help. Maybe she's hungry & needs a snack before bedtime? My ten month old will nurse all night if she doesn't go to bed with a full tummy.

Good luck! You've certainly got your hands full; I hope you find a way to get your girls & yourself lots of good sleep! :)



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Could be teething, could be growth spurts. Don't expect sleep when teething - just imagine yourself trying to sleep with aching gums! OW! Tylenol a little before bedtime might help. Perhaps the soothing chestrub stuff?

I nursed till just recently so my 29 month old just started sleeping through the night. They're all different. I'm not a fan of ferber myself. There are several books out there that might be helpful. No Cry Sleep Solution is one of them. Some of the little ones just have a harder time of it or different sleep cycles.



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maybe because is teething is not sleeping try to give hylands teething tablets



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I don't know what the Ferber method is but have you tried the supernanny method?
You have to stop the sleeping in bed with you and your husband now -- or else it will continue until she is 10 yrs old. Seriously. my niece did this... and my brother/sister-in-law's marriage is not good b/c they never put their foot down to make sure they had alone time w/o the kids.

Supernanny says to put the child down in the crib, lights out, music on, night light on (whatever is helpful to your child) ... and you sit down on floor near the crib, still in sight, but your back to the crib. No eye contact, no talking, no lights. IF they get up, keep laying the baby back down. and go sit back down again. They will cry. But there's nothing wrong. They need to know that mommy is always there. And they need to learn to soothe themselves to sleep. this will be a hard transition time and it won't be easy.... it will take a week. maybe a little less. Don't give up only after 3 days... keep going. it will happen. I know this may keep the older one up at night ... Is there anyway they can have separate bedrooms? Perhaps it's too stimulating to the younger one to have her sibling in there with her.
Next night, Move a little farther away from the crib ... next night farther. Until the last night, you are at the doorway, sitting on the floor, but your back is still to the crib. By then, I bet the baby will only cry for less than a minute and she will fall asleep on her own.
It really works -- I see it time and time again on Supernanny. AND it worked with my son when he was a baby.
My 3 month old daughter - I started swaddling her from the time she was 2 wks old.... and that has helped her in soothing herself to sleep ... and she knows that when the swaddle comes on... it's time for bed in her crib. So she doesn't fight me on it. She goes right to sleep.
Which brings me to my next point, is there a bedtime routine.... something that is calming and that sends signals to her that bedtime is coming. With us, it is bathtime, songs in the tub, lotion, hair brushing, big bottle, gentle burping, swaddle, then I lay her down in her crib.



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Neither one of my two slept through the night til 12 months of age (not really sure why) but once a year old, has slept very consistently all night...no bedtime issues. I also used the "No cry sleep solution" book for my youngest. My two are just under 14 months apart so I understand the lack of sleep getting to you. Make sure she is getting the rest she needs during the day. AN overly exhausted child is actually one that will not sleep well and is overly active. Hang in there and I hope it helps to know others have been there and it will get better....

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