10 Month Old Won't Eat Babyfood.

Updated on October 04, 2008
A.J. asks from Midvale, UT
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Ok so my DD will be 10 months old next week. She is on solid food three times a day and BM in between. She will not let you feed her and she doesn't have the spoon thing down so I need ideas on finger foods that I can make that she can eat on her own. We have done mac and cheese and peaches, pears, bananas, grilled cheese, peas,green beans but I need some creative and nutritious ideas. She won't eat apples, carrots, broccoli or potatoes. Any help would be awesome.

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Chick peas and black beans are good finger foods and high in protein. Grapes cut up into small pieces, cheese, graham crackers broken up into small pieces, buttered toast and toaster waffles in small pieces, kiwi, mango, tomatoes, pineapple. Those are few ideas. Hope it helps!



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Another thing we did was fish sticks and chicken sticks that way they get their protein in too. If it is too hard to crunch them, then what we did at first was microwave the food, then they are soft, but still cooked.

Another thing I did was to get a small food processor and whatever we ate, I would put in the processor to make it smaller for my kids to pick-up and eat, always had a spoon and fork available for them to try. So like spaghetti noodles would be chopped up to their size etc.

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Try the Gerber Graduate cubed carrots, they are sweeter and my kids LOVED them, she can self feed with those.
My son didn't like baby food either at that age, scrambled eggs with cheese on the the tray, diced up cheese pizza, even cut up in tiny pieces sandwiches. Gerber Graduates have diced apples too that are softer, peaches, green beans. Cottage cheese is messy but they both loved it. Encourage the spoon just by letting her hold on to it. I did shredded meats too, basically whatever we were eating as a family as long as it wasn't hard and I could chop it up.

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My babies all refused to let me feed them at about 8-9 months, although sometimes if I let them hold one spoon and I used another spoon it would work. You are on the right track with letting her feed herself finger foods, just make sure you stay right with her in case of choking. And even though she is not great at using a spoon yet let her try it, she will learn. One thing I did with my kids also was to use dips, you can make any babyfood into a dip and just have her dip pieces of bread or crackers or veggies or whatever into the dip and eat it. Some good ideas are: yogurt, the kind make with whole milk like Yo-baby, you can sprinkle in some cinnimon or mix the yogurt with some pureed fruit babyfood, applesauce, buy the big container of natural unsweetened apple sauce, or mix together some ranch dressing and purred veggies like carrots. I like to make the dips to give some extra nutrition and it helps you use up all the jars of babyfood that your baby now refuses to eat from a spoon! Good luck!



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I don't have any foods ideas because it sounds like you are doing the right thing. I would suggest though that you allow her to practice and get messy. You would be amazed at what they will learn. My friend's one year old child can eat soup with a spoon and not spill very much at all. I was shocked. Not a bit on the floor or table. My kids were never that neat but I have some great pictures of them eating. One of my favorites is of my oldest son eating pudding. Gotta love that pudding spiked hair and happy I'm doing it myself grin.



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I have had the same problem with my 10 month old boy. I got this idea from a friend of mine, and it's super nutritious and my baby loves it.
1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds (you can find these at a health food store in the bulk section)
Put in blender or vitamix until mixture looks like flour. Add 3/4 cup organic raisins and blend for 2 minutes (you may need to use the pulse action). Empty the mixture into a bowl and kneed with your hand until everything is incorporated into a ball. Refrigerate mixture for at least 30 minutes, then roll small amounts between your fingers (about the size of a blueberry) to feed to your baby. This mixture should be kept in the refrigerator and will work feed your baby for several days.

I usually give my baby 10-15 of the small blueberry size balls each day. He loves them, and it's very nutritious.

Here are some additional ideas based on what has worked for me and my son over the last few months. I do a lot of my shopping at Costco, so several of the things below will come from there.

Boiled egg (the yolk only). It's messy, but I can usually get my baby to eat if off my fingers. I usually purchase an omega-3 type egg for the added nutrition.

Avocado. Use the yellowish part in the middle rather than the greenish part near the skin. Just dice into bite size pieces.

Dino Nuggets. These are chicken nuggets from Costco. You can warm up 5 of them in under a minute in the microwave. I usually cut them up into bite size pieces and my son loves them.

Grapes cut in quarters, peaches cut in bite size chunks, watermelon and blueberries.

When I cook pancakes, I usually make a big batch so I can feed the extras to my son. Just rip them into bite size pieces. I suggest making a healthy variety, like a whole wheat or multi grain. I recently found a 16 grain pancake mix at a farmer's market at Thanksgiving Point (I'm not sure where you're located). The company is working on getting the mix into the stores. If you would like more info on this, just email me and I can send you the details. Anyway, the mix is delicious and my son loves them.

Flax seed waffles. You can find these at Costco. Just tear into small pieces.

Gerber Toddler meals. They are expensive, but they have been very helpful in a crunch. My son loves the wagon wheels with chicken. He won't eat the vegetables in the container, but I will put the wagon wheels and chicken on his tray and he loves them.

Frozen style green beans. I buy the organic ones from Costco. They are long, like french fries and can be heated in the microwave in only a minute or two. I just hand the entire green bean to my son and he loves them. He won't eat them if they are cut up though.

I occasionally have success getting my son to eat the Yo-Baby yogurt. But since it comes to him on a spoon, it's usually rejected.

As long as your baby is getting her BM, you can take comfort in knowing that she's getting plenty of nutrition. This thought is comforting to me when I'm having a particularly rough day feeding my baby.

I'm anxious to see what other people recommend. There are times where I too throw my arms into the air trying to figure out what to feed my 10 month old.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Avacado is one of the best first foods according to Dr. Sears. Great nutrition & good fats.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My 2 kids did not like babyfood, but they were great about eating "real" adult food that was chopped up well. We skipped the whole baby food phase and just gave them things that we were eating in small, chopped up portions. They ate it and it saved us money and the hassle of having to pack babyfood where ever we went. I don't know if this will help you, but it worked for us. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

Maybe tortellini cut up into pieces - its just pasta and cheese although you should check the ingredients to make sure there isn't anything she shouldn't have yet. We have family history of allergies so we have to be careful with that stuff... my 3rd son will be 10 months old in 12 days. He is still on a lot of baby food because of my fear of allergies for him.
You could do thin-sliced deli meat... we use the oil-browned really natural turkey from Sam's Club for our little guy.

What about cooking some chicken breasts with broth in a crock pot for 10-12 hours on low to get it really tender?

Sticky rice that you kind of form into blobs that she can work with (brown rice would be even better).

Have you tried the 2 spoon feeding method where you don't battle over the spoon if she tries to take it from you (yes, it gets messy... this stage can be kind of trying) and when they take spoon #1 you let them keep it meanwhile you feed with spoon #2 - then maybe breakfast could include spoon-fed yogurt with her helping. You could try those self-feeder really curved short-handled spoons and then maybe she'd get some food to her mouth.

I remember when my firstborn was only eating yogurt and some type of fruit every morning for breakfast I was really worried aobut the lack of variety, but our pediatrician (Greenwood Pediatrics) said that those were healthy things and not to worry about it.

Quick-cooking oatmeal is less lumpy than the regular oats and maybe if it was well-cooked but also kind of thick so she could work with it that might work.

Avocado is a great brain food.

You could check online for allergen-type recipes that wouldn't include eggs yet for pancakes - a lot of recipes can substitute bananas for the eggs and apple sauce for the oil. That would make good finger food and would be nutritious if you could use some wheat flour... but I don't know what you'd use instead of milk in it - maybe pumped milk??

You're further along than I am with this. Each time this time of transitioning has seemed a little challenging for me, so know that that is kind of normal to feel like its hard to know what to feed them. My pediatrician did just recently recommend those sweet potato puff snacks as a good finger food, too.

Cooked sweet potatoes and yams cut up into little squares might appeal to her more than white potatoes.

I hope this goes well for you.



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Feed her everything you eat. At 10 months my son ate chicken, pasta, anything that i fixed for dinner. Unless she has food allergies there is no reason that she can't eat just about anything. Just make sure everything is chopped up small. My son loved hotdogs at that age. I would slice them length wise in half and then in half again and then chopped up small. Just be sure she only eats one piece at a time.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I loved it when my baby moved onto solids because she got to experience so many foods. Anything you eat, your child can eat; canned veggies are really good in a pinch - corn, carrots, bean (both green and hard; my daughter loves navy and white beans!), sweet peas. If your daughter is eating cheese, then you can give her cheese slices or melt a little cheese on toast or a tortilla and rip it up. I make toast for my little one with a little jam and butter and cut in to small cubes. Think outside the box! Good luck!



answers from Denver on

My son did the same thing. He just would not eat baby food at all starting at about 9 or ten months. He really enjoyed wraps of all kinds, french toast, avocado slices, hard boiled eggs (you can give her the yolks only as is recommended by pediatricians), cucumbers, hummus and crackers, pieces of turkey, etc... At ten months, they can eat most of what you are eating, just make sure that it is not heavily seasoned and the right temperature. I have found that my son (he is now almost 2) is a lot less picky than most kids his age because I introduced him to a variety of foods early on. Hope this helps and good luck!



answers from Missoula on

My son also quit eating baby food pretty early, and I have just been feeding him slightly modified versions of what his dad and I are eating. For example, if we are having pasta, I just cook his a bit longer so it is softer, if I am making chili, I take some out for him before I make it spicy. He eats everything we eat, from fish burritos (his favorite!) to oatmeal to lasagna. My advice would be to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for yourself and feed her the same foods you are eating, just make sure they are cut/mashed up so she can manage them. My son also love to feed himself with a spoon, but at 11 months is not great at it, so I give him his own spoon and let him help, but I try to feed him most of foods like yogurt. He is more likely to let me feed him if he can participate.
Good luck!



answers from Denver on

Hi A.,
My kids love avacados! Cottage cheese is good too, you can rinse the liqid off and just give her the curds. Maybe she would like squash or sweet potatoes. Peeled tomatoes. Canned chicken or home cooked chicken or ground beef. Pasta with sauce (remove ALL clothes first! ha!) Hmmmm, that is all I can think of with my 4 year old talking to me. good luck!



answers from Denver on

Hi A.,
I have a ten month old as well and she is also beginning to show her independence with eating. Finger foods is definitely a favorite at this age! I recommend a book called Super Foods by Annabel Karmel. It is a fantastic book with creative ideas as to sneaking veggies into foods and making them look fun to eat! The book is well illustrated and definitely worth purchasing. One idea that works great for us is sweet potato pancakes. I make the pancakes from scratch (which really there is nothing to it), but pancake mix works just fine. I add two 2nd foods tubs of sweet potatoes and 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup to the mix. They are healthy and sweet so no messing syrup is needed! I pack them with us where ever we go as an easy, delicious, and nutritional snack. I've also roasted/baked squash and sweet potatoes and pureed them in the food processor (instead of using the prepackaged baby food), which makes them even sweeter!

Hope that helps. Good Luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

If she is anything like my son was then once he tasted the good stuff.. most baby food was out the window. Our food has so much flavor and texture compared to bland baby food. We got a baby grinder ( you can get them at wal-mart, babies r us or target), they are about everywhere. We would grind up anything we had for dinner. His favorite was pot roast, carots and potatos. As he got more teeth we used the grinder less and just cut up things small for him. I believe the more experiance your child has to food at this age the less picky they will be in the future. My son isn't a fan or juice or tart fruit but otherwise will eat just about anything we have allowed him to try. He loves Yogurt for breakfast with pancakes, enjoys soups, rice, indian food, seafood, cheeses, crackers and all meats. We even found out he is a fan of cinnimon and sour stuff. One meal idea I would suggest is taking a mini muffin tin and filling each hole with something different for her to try. Some could be the usuals she eats but go for some new things all different colors, textures and tastes just make sure that they are bite size. My son loves this!! Good luck!

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