10 Month Old with Nightmares?

Updated on June 27, 2009
T.S. asks from Uniondale, NY
7 answers

My 10 month old wakes up constantly between the hours of 1am -6:30am whining and shrilling as if she is experiencing nightmares. She however has made a huge transition in the past cpl of weeks. We've moved to a new home and she's been sleeping in her new crib which she loves. She sleeps fine for hrs during the day, but at night she's been having a problem. Since birth she's been a decent sleeper. Although she always tossed and turned at night and whined a little, it has gotten worst in just a cpl of days. She does depend on her binky to sooth her but during this she even cries with it. What can I do to help both her and I to get a decent nights rest.

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I would guess that she's teething. My son got all 4 of his top teeth at 10 months and they hurt most at night. I gave him Motrin.



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Hi T., Little children do have nightmares. Does she have a nightlight in her room? This could help. Did she sleep in the same room with you before the new house? She could be adjusting. My best, Grandma Mary


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Hi T.,

I am so sorry for you, but maybe start by watching whats on TV when she is awake. Maybe she could have seen something that just stayed with her. talk to your doctor. :)



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is she getting teeth? My son had a horrible time sleeping around that age. I would give him those homeopathic teething tablets though and those would help soothe him for nighttime. Good luck, hope she gets better soon! :(
PS- if it's not teeth and she is just having a hard time adjusting, maybe let her sleep with you for a few nights until she's fully used to the new place? Brendan has always only slept in his room, but there's been a few nights here and there where he's ended up in our bed. It certainly doesn't do any harm.



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My daughter also did this this at ten months and actually still does until this day. It could very well be that the change is causing her to have a very active and emotional state of being, especially when in deep sleep. I would just guide my daughter back into the sleeping position and put her animals and blankey around her head so that she would feel them and feel safe. I would suggest getting your daughter something like this (stuff animal or a woobie), so she has a friend that will "keep her safe."

Another thing you can try is helping her to be soothed and relaxed before she goes to bed. Maybe a warm bath and a nice cuddly story with mommy. This way her mind and body is relaxed before bed time and she has the closeness of mommy with a consistent ritual that will give her some new stability in her new environment.

Good luck :)

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My daughter went through that too. It turned out that she had gas pains and was constipated. I just gave her gas drops in her last bottle of the night and made sure she had fruit and apple juice during the day to get her bowels moving.




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I tried playing soothing music softly in my son's room. It is very low almost inaudible but it really seemed to help. Classical music or Gospel Jazz seemed to do the trick. I have a player with a remote control. I set up the music selection of the night and set the volume levels before putting him down.

Once while away, I didn't have any music the an audio version of Bible verses being read seemed to do the trick too.

My son is now 14 and still occasionally likes to have classical music played before turning in. Perhaps this could help your little one too.

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