10 Month Old with Low White Blood Cell

Updated on September 06, 2010
M.E. asks from Drexel Hill, PA
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Hello. I took my daughter to her routine dr visit in July. My daughter had diarrea a couple of days (4-5 days) straight two weeks before the visit. She wasn't sick just had diarrea. I explained this to the doctor and they did a blood test by pricking her finger. The test came out that she had low blood count and they wanted her to get the blood test done at Quest. I took her to Quest but her veins were too small and they could not get the blood test done. I have to wait again to get it done at the Dr office. I am worried to death!! I love my daughter so much. I'm reading online and trying to figure out why she has low blood count. The dr said she might of had to fight an infection but they wanted to check it out. I'm worried she has cancer or some other disease. Please pray for my daughter. My daughter is always playful and happy. I just hope she is okay. Please help. I need some advise and reassurance and i am so worried until my daughter can get the test done again. The Dr is not helping.

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My son had low white blood cell count several times and it is more likely an infection, not cancer although it definitely needs to be followed up. He had it so low they almost hospitalized him at one point, but he had respiratory after respiratory infection and it had returned to a normal range the next time we went in. Good luck and I hope it's nothing!

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Well, yes low white blood cel counts can lead to cancer, but the doctor already gave you the other alternative, perhaps she had to fight off an infection. Kids have to fight off infections all the time at that age. Don't panic...it is too early. Remain calm and positive.

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Please do not borrow trouble. She had diarrhea. You say she wasn't sick but apparently she was. Diarrhea can be a symptom of an infection. Focus your mind on the positive and let go of the worry.

There is nothing you can do if the worst were to happen. So stop! Put your trust in the most likely scenerio, that she had an infection and is fine.

What do you mean the doctor is not helping? He's expecting that she will be fine and is not overly concerned. He is taking the precaution of having an additional blood test. This is what I want from a doctor.


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HUGS!!! My son was neutropenic (sp?) (not making white blood cells from birth thru 5mos) and CHP had him on 'leukemia watch' - they pricked or drew his blood 3x/week, then 2x, then once, then it got to once/month as he improved and now not at all at 28mos. They stopped being concerned when his numbers were increasing (which happened around 2-1/2mos) - even tho they hadn't reached the 'safe zone' numbers, they were getting higher, which showed that it wasn't leukemia. They ended up chalking it to him being 10wks early and not in-utero long enough to build up an immune system.

I kept getting as much breastmilk in him as possible (even accepting some from donors, since my milk ducts are messed up and it would take me 3days to pump 1oz). I added probiotics to my nipples when he nursed and to his bottles. We weren't allowed out of the house (except for bloodwork) for those 5mos, and my husband had to remove all of his work clothes before entering the house, then showering before handling our son. We spent alot of time on the back porch, getting evening sun rays. Visitors had to cover up, wash up and use one of his blankets to separate his body from their touch. (I'm just listing things that you may want to incorporate to help your daughter gradually improve her system, without being overwhelmed at this point.)

I would stop the internet research - and ask your doctor if her numbers are increasing - that's most likely why the docs aren't concerned.

Its a very scary place that you're in and we wish you the best!



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Hi Mama! I'm assuming this is your first child?
I understand how worried you are, but please try to stay positive.
I'm sure if it was concerning the doctors would be taking the necessary measures. Low white blood count just means she's fighting something off....with the recent diarreah she most likely had a virus. I'm sure that's all it is.
When I had blood work done for myself during my 1st pregnancy I also had low white blood count (twice) and I'm just fine.....
Why did she have the blood work to begin with?



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I'm praying as I'm typing: Dear Lord please keep this baby safe and healthy, only your awesome power can heal her and get rid of any infection she may have. Please give health and comfort to this little angel and her family. May the holy spirit support this family and guide the doctors to make the right choices and provide the right treatment. Please help this baby get better soon. In Your holy and sacred name I pray, Amen.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Sending prayers to you. Keep your mind on the positive. If your daughter isn't having any other symptoms, chances are it is something easily explained and treated such as an infection. It is hard to not worry about our kids, but as someone else stated it won't change anything. Please be sure to update us. Best wishes to you.

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